How to Impress Your Boss


You arrive early, you work very well, you're never absent from the office, but you don't get promoted. What are you doing wrong?

We all want to stand out, yet even when it seems like you're doing everything right (you're never late, rarely absent due to illness, you always do your job), promotions don't come.

If you're working well, why is it not recognized? The answer is simple: you don't get promotions just by doing what your boss expects of you.

Doing the job you were hired for isn't enough to make you stand out. You will see yourself as someone who simply meets the minimum requirements of their job and not someone who is looking to build a career.

The trick to advancing your company and receiving a raise is to add value to your position by making certain contributions that are worth more than what you're currently paid. You want to stand out from your colleagues and be seen as someone of value, someone indispensable to your company.

You should try to exceed your boss's expectations in such a way that he feels like the Smartest person in the world for hiring you.

It's not as difficult as it sounds, in fact you can do it in seven easy steps.

1. Don't just develop the skills necessary for your job, learn about your company's industry, its competitors, the latest developments, and the obstacles it faces

Professional development is important, but don't stop there. If you really want to impress your boss, try to research as much of the industry as you can. For example, if you're a programmer, it's not enough to know about the new practices, you must learn how they are being applied in your industry.

Transferring your knowledge to the context of your company is a great way to add value and stand out. Not only will you know how to do your job, you also show that you know why your company matters.

2. Instead of always having the correct answer, anticipate the question

It feels great when you can give the boss correct answers, but if you really want to stand out you have to anticipate what he wants or needs. You will save time and energy and show a lot of enthusiasm.

3. Instead of just accepting your mistakes, make them noticed before someone else does.

Responsibility is a lost art. Many people prefer to hide their mistakes because they fear the repercussions that being honest can bring. Show your boss that you aren't afraid to accept your failures and you will surprise him. When you make a mistake, let him know and have a solution ready. Even better, tell him what steps you've already taken to mitigate the problem.

We all make mistakes. You will distinguish yourself by showing that unlike others, you're creative and proactive in taking responsibility for your own.

4. instead of asking for training, do it on your own

Typical advice is that you should ask your boss to send you to classes or workshops to improve your skills. But you don't want to be typical.

Seek training on your own in your spare time. It doesn't have to be very expensive, there are hundreds of accessible and even free courses on the internet. When others ask your boss to send them to train, you can show them what you already know. Your initiative will be rewarded and you will have acquired new skills.

5. be proactive

Most people can do what they are told to do. To impress your boss you must be proactive. If you see a problem, fix it. If you see that something needs a repair, do it. Develop a guide for the people who join your team, document your process and discover how you can make it more efficient.

Bosses often appreciate vision and love to discover that an employee can be very helpful to the company in the long run.

Don't forget to tell your supervisor about your progress; It's just flattery when you're trying to do more to make your teammates look bad. There is nothing wrong with taking responsibility for your achievements.

6. build relationships with other departments

It's guaranteed that at some point your area will need the support of another in the company. A great way to wow your boss is to have contacts throughout the company. You can earn your superior's appreciation by saying, "I'll see to it. I know someone in that department who could help us. "

7. be the most sought-after person in times of crisis

Few things attract a boss's attention more than the ability to handle bad situations. Be it a conflict with two people, being scared by a change of guideline, make sure to always be the calmer person. Your ability to think clearly will show that you have leadership potential. And leaders are the ones who get promoted.

The people who make the most progress are those who add value. Don't forget that's what business is about, making a profit. You need to make your boss see that you're getting the best out of the money they are investing in you.

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