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Are you in active job search? Do you want a job change? You must review your strategy well to be seen and stand out in the midst of so much talent. Look at the organizational skills in which the Human Resources Managers are most fixed , when hiring new employees for the team.

Organizations at a crossroads

If we consider the famous environment VUCA , the well-known talent war and the difficulties in finding professionals, organizations see themselves as new starting points to think about what and how to look for personnel.

If organizations are designing new formulas to find the talent that best fits them, the talent itself must analyze what strengths it has and identify those competencies that match the searches. Those that not only allow you to develop your functions successfully, but also provide added value to the organization. It's not about providing only knowledge or experience. The planning, organization and implementation of work requires skills that go beyond the resume.

What are organizational skills?

Human Resources is the part responsible for finding those skills that best fit the culture and position to be filled. The skills and organizational communication are the most important and that respond to the needs of the company.

The determining factor of any organizational skill is transversality . The person has a global competence capacity that responds to social, management and technical needs. This allows in the long run to manage teams and communicate effectively, but also to be able to plan and organize the project. If the profile is at the base of the organization, it will know how to prioritize and organize its functions. In management positions, you'll have the ability to optimize your resources.

Organizational skills seek to respond to project management. It's important that you find out if you have them.

What organizational skills can we have?

In addition to the skills I'm going to mention, keep in mind that if you're not in what is already part of the most revolutionary change, the digital transformation , you'll be left out of many processes. No matter what your role, no matter the experience or the area in which you moved. If you're not digital, your space will be occupied by another person. I strongly recommend you start there.

Divided attention

It's that skill that allows you to vary tasks with agility and ease if necessary. That is, to be able to carry out several things at the same time without any suffering. Surely lots of situations come to mind when you can be interrupted by the irruption of a call, an urgent mail or any task that becomes a priority. To be able to move forward without being a cost to your attention at all times, is to possess that organizational skill.


Ability closely related to the previous one, since it's about the ability to move around easily. The environment and transformations are not easy for everyone, and whoever has the ability to adapt better will be much more effective and valued by Human Resources Managers.

Corporate Comprehensive Vision

It's important that you understand that you don't work in an isolated department. The success of an organization has a lot to do with collaborative environments and knowledge of culture to work aligned. Having a global vision will make it easier for you to work in any process of the company to be able to understand in each phase, with whom it's better to ally and collaborate.


The more you can advance to situations, the better. That is tremendously sought after today, since it means that you're a planner and leave little to improvisation, despite being agile at the time. It's about being able to coordinate and design what will happen. Therefore, it's valued that you can organize the process and that all phases are linked. That will allow you to adapt the work to the new needs.


It's possible that, if you have the organizational skill of anticipation, you have that of planning. Because you'll easily see the process and you'll be able to plan it in advance. If you have that ability, you can spin an orderly plan . You can meet the deadlines and see the process where you can get stuck to be prepared.


It's about managing a team of people. Organizations don't look for someone to order and command. Good leadership starts with inclusion, motivation, cohesion. We must unite the management of the project with the management of the human team and draw up an alliance between them. Listen, involve and inspire so that each member contributes the best of each.

Time management

It's one of the most valued organizational skills because it implies that you're able to successfully manage the time to reach the goal. Knowing how to organize, prioritize and delegate are part of managing time correctly.

Resource management

This organizational ability allows you to anticipate what you'll need and avoid failures and failures in the middle of the process. As you can see, many of them are very related, since anticipating, planning and managing time and resources along with a comprehensive vision of the company and good leadership, will make you a global professional who has the best organizational skills that most today the Human Resources Managers demand.

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