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The organizational consulting is one of the factors that make the difference in running a business. It's a decisive support when it comes to guaranteeing quality in the day-to-day life and the services that organizations provide.

What is organizational consulting?

We could define organizational consulting as the advisory process for improving the operation of a company or institution, as well as for compliance with the different regulations related to its activity.

Organizational consulting is also known as management consulting, since it's a guarantee of quality when managing all the procedures of organizations.

How does organizational consulting work?

Quality auditing is the core mechanism of business consulting. These are procedures for analysis, evaluation and detection of errors within organizations. In turn, they propose solutions and lines of improvement to correct existing deficiencies.

The audits of the management systems are applied in the different areas of the organizations and serve to ensure the correct functioning of the same and the application of the current regulations, thus avoiding possible sanctions and loss of confidence on the part of customers and employees.

What is organizational consulting for?

Many entrepreneurs do not know very well what a consultant is or what its services are. These are the main advantages that the use of organizational consulting brings to companies:

  • Advises on management measures.
  • It guarantees the quality of the different processes of the company.
  • It detects internal errors and allows to solve them immediately.
  • Measure the feasibility of projects before implementation.
  • Avoid fines and penalties for non-compliance with legal regulations.
  • It prevents the appearance of reputational crises and improves the image of the organization.
  • Build trust and loyalty in customers and workers.
  • Evaluate the results of the changes and improvements implemented.
  • Increase employee performance, productivity and profits.
  • It facilitates the obtaining of ISO quality certificates granted by an accredited Certification Entity.

Types of organizational consulting

There are many forms of organizational consulting. Each of them is optimized to meet the specific needs of the different business management areas. Below we see some of the most demanded aspects:

Quality Management Systems Consulting

It's responsible for evaluating and ensuring compliance with quality standards in all products, components and processes of an organization. It must promote that all production phases are carried out in an optimal way so that the final result has the optimal functional and structural requirements.

Environmental Consulting

Applying environmental regulations is essential to reduce pollution and ensure the good state of the business environment. This branch of organizational consulting is responsible for ensuring compliance, in addition to monitoring the levels of environmental factors such as noise or vibrations in the workplace.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Consulting

CSR encompasses the set of activities carried out for companies to return to society part of the benefits they generate thanks to it. It covers measures of different types, but with a high social content, such as donations to charitable causes, educational and cultural training or caring for the environment.

Occupational Risk Prevention Consulting

Companies must guarantee the occupational safety of their employees. To comply with existing regulations and recommendations, they must implement a large number of damage and injury preventive measures. All this has a positive impact on the health of workers.

Human Resources Consulting

This service helps in the selection and management of workforce. The consultants evaluate the different professional profiles to choose and configure the workforce that best suits the needs of each company. This is key to ensuring productivity and avoiding performance issues.

Data Protection Consulting

In order to guarantee the privacy of personal data, freelancers and Spanish companies must comply with two regulations: the Organic Law on Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights and the General Data Protection Regulation. Otherwise, they risk facing stiff fines and penalties. That is why it's so important that advisors or consulting firms verify compliance.

Technological Consulting

Organizational consulting for computer and technology systems is essential for the internal efficiency of the company. Having up-to-date systems has a double utility. On the one hand, it allows to increase productivity, avoiding delays and waiting in procedures. On the other hand, it's the indicated method to guarantee security against viruses and cyberattacks.

Administrative Consulting

This specialty evaluates and makes a diagnosis about the different administrative procedures of an organization, pointing out ways of improvement to streamline bureaucratic procedures and increase the efficiency and productivity of companies.

Financial Consulting

In many cases it's difficult to manage company accounts, especially for businesses that are growing rapidly. For this reason, some companies hire economic consulting services to ensure the financial health of the organization.

Who is the organizational consulting aimed at?

Both public and private institutions must apply efficiency techniques so that everything works correctly. This includes organizations of everything from governments, political parties, unions or associations, to NGOs or the companies themselves.

Any company needs to optimize its operation to guarantee its survival over time. For this reason, organizational consulting services for SMEs, freelancers and large companies are so important.

All business models need the impetus of applying quality management techniques to optimize their internal and external processes.

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