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A difficult situation: you have been offered a job, but you're considering not accepting the offer.

There are all sorts of reasons why you should do this. It may be that you have had a better offer from another company or that you don't have such a good feeling about the position after the interview.

it's understandable that it doesn't feel right to reject an offer because you wanted to make such an impression on the recruiter at the very beginning. You must then disappoint him / her by not accepting the job. And precisely because it can be so difficult, this week we give you 4 tips on how you can best do this.

1- Know for sure

Before you reject the job, you must be 100% sure that you don't want the job. Think carefully about it, because once you have rejected the job, there is no way back. It would be a shame if you regret it afterwards.

Doubt is never good and in most cases your gut feeling is correct. So if it doesn't feel right, you shouldn't take the job. It would be a shame if you accepted the job and after one year had to look for a new job again, because your current job would not suit you .

2- Thank your contact person

Recruiters have invested a lot of time in you. They have looked at your resume, talked to you and finally decided to offer you a job. So always ensure that you remain polite and show respect when you decline the offer. Thank the recruiter for his / her time.

If you thank the recruiter for something specific, it's not a standard rejection and you look more personal. For example: "I was pleased that you not only looked at the CV, but also at the candidate as a person. In addition, I appreciate very quickly that I received a response to my application. After the job interview, I unfortunately discovered that the position was not for me."

Because you handle the rejection well, you remain positively in the recruiter's mind. When another (nicer) function becomes available, there is a chance that the recruiter will approach you again.

If you decline a job offer in a bad way, this can have negative consequences. For example, it can happen that the recruiter changes employer and you meet him / her again when applying. The recruiter will then not want to go into the application process with you, because you acted unprofessionally the previous time.

You may also be dealing with an intermediary with multiple vacancies in the same industry. Unprofessional behavior can then ensure that you're no longer eligible for any vacancy.

3- Give a good reason

Always be honest and give a clear reason if you decline an offer on a job. It can be a feedback moment for the recruiter.

If you give a clear reason, the recruiter can use this to develop. it's possible that you have rejected the job because you didn't feel well at the company. In this case, the recruiter can't do much about it himself. Did you refuse the job because you were treated unprofessionally? Then the recruiter knows that he / she must deal with candidates more professionally next time.

You may find it difficult to say such a thing, but then you can think of the following. The recruiter will also be honest when he rejects you for the position. it's not a disaster to be honest, both parties benefit the most.

Be careful with comments about the staff. If you don't have a good feeling with the staff, you have to be smart about it. it's not appropriate to express yourself negatively about this. Indicate that the company culture doesn't entirely suit you and leave it at that.

4- Respond quickly

The recruitment process is a long process. It can take months before the right candidate is chosen. When you're offered a job and want to decline this offer, it's not nice for the recruiter if he / she has to wait a long time for your response. Maybe he / she needs to start all over again with approaching candidates, going through CVs and having interviews. it's therefore necessary to indicate on time that you don't want to accept the offer, because that's valuable time for the recruiters.

For example, you can first indicate by telephone that you don't accept the offer and want to thank the recruiter for the time and effort. You can then send him / her an email explaining in more detail why you didn't accept the job. In this way you let the recruiter know as quickly as possible that you aren't accepting the offer, so that he / she can immediately start working again to find a new candidate.

Example of Letter

There are different ways to decline an offer on a job. For example, you can personally explain to the recruiter over the phone why you aren't accepting the offer. If you find this a bit too personal and exciting, you can decline the offer by email. Everything is clearly arranged with an email.

To help you on your way, we provide an example. This is in the form of an email, but with a telephone rejection you can use a similar formulation.

Dear (name),

Thanks for the great offer. Although I have experienced the application process with you very positively, I have decided not to accept the offer.

The reason for this is that I have been offered another job where I can develop my personal skills better. In addition, I think that job is better for the rest of my career.

Thanks again for the time and effort. I liked that you not only looked at the CV, but also at the candidate as a person. In addition, I appreciate it that I quickly received a response from you to my application. Who knows, we might talk to each other in the future.

With best regards,

(Your name)

Decline a Job Offer

It can be difficult to decline an offer on a job. If you do it the right way, you'll neatly close the application process at the company and it can only have positive consequences in the future.

Make sure you're 100% sure you want to reject the job, thank the recruiter for the time and effort, respond quickly and give a good reason.


it's better to reject an offer for a job over the phone than with an email! Agree or disagree? Let us know in a response!

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