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The term nursing allows to refer to different concepts related to health and health systems. An infirmary is a unit or a place for the sick or injured. For example: "We are going to have to take you to the infirmary to have that wound treated", "My son went to the infirmary after the game because his left knee hurt. "

Nursing is also the profession of the person who takes care of the wounded and sick under clinical criteria: "I'm going to study nursing", "I need to hire an expert in nursing to help me take care of my grandmother ".

A profession that seems to be has its origin already in Greek times. In such a way that the first examples of it can be found during the times in which philosophers and writers of the stature of Socrates lived.

In the same way, we find an adverbial phrase that also makes use of the term that we are now analyzing. We refer to the phrase "being something in the infirmary" with which what is tried is to reflect that an element is being arranged in the corresponding workshop.

In a similar sense, nursing is known as the set of studies required to obtain said qualification and practice the profession: "Constanza finished nursing and will join the hospital as of next summer. "

Thus, for example, in some countries there are basically two professional groups within this category. Thus, on the one hand, there are the so-called Graduates in Nursing who have the corresponding university diploma. And on the other hand, there are the nursing auxiliary care technicians, who are those who have a non-university average degree and who are basically in charge of carrying out the hygiene and feeding tasks of the patients as well as the administration of medication and taking vital signs.

At present there are various organizations that watch over the profession of men and women who work in the nursing area. Thus, for example, in some countries we find the General Counselor of Nursing, with the various Nursing unions that exist at a general level throughout the country, Satse, or in each and every one of the respective autonomous communities that give shape to said nation.

The group of patients from a certain place or time, or affected by the same disease, also receives the name of nursing.

It could be said, at a general level, that nursing is the science dedicated to the care of human health. Therefore, it's part of the health sciences group.

There are, according to each country, various specializations related to nursing. The supervising nurse, for example, is the one trained to supervise the work and environment of the professionals in a unit under his / her charge. The nursing assistants, however, are responsible for the most basic care, linked to food and hygiene.

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