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The concept of networking is based on the establishment of a professional network of contacts, which allows us to make ourselves known, both personally and in the company. It will also help us to find potential investors or partners. It's one of the most frequent practices within the business environment and among entrepreneurs.

Therefore, a definition of networking would be the ability to create a network of contacts for the purpose of generating job or business opportunities.

We must also address the term business networking, which is the process of weaving, in order to then effectively take advantage of contacts and networks of influence. They are organized meetings for managers and businessmen with the aim of exchanging information and contacts to improve their management and obtain possible collaborations.

To network, you must first establish a business or professional goal. Next, the right people should be found through close circles or social networks like Linkedin.

One of the examples of networking may be to establish an agenda of events that we will attend, where companies related to our field are present.

What is networking for?

Here we reveal some of the benefits derived from this increasingly used practice in the business world.

  • Know potential customers: having enough contacts will mean that many of them can recommend the services of a specific user for a specific customer.
  • Increase the visibility of companies: by participating in networking events the brand begins to make itself known in the market, to have more visibility of its products or services.
  • Meet new suppliers or collaborating companies: the chances of getting collaborators who help improve services or products are increased.
  • Increase sales or the opportunities to obtain a new job: having a greater network of contacts will contribute to having more possibilities of getting a better position, as well as increasing sales and, therefore, improving your results.
  • Gain experience: a greater number of contacts will also help to have more knowledge.

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