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Ways to Earn Extra Money

We all want to earn some extra money and have more to spend. As a budget coach I'm convinced that making more money isn't only good for the wallet, but also for the person himself. It's just good if you're busy with something and see results come out of it, which stimulates enormously. In fact, it can change your life.

There are many ways to earn extra money, regardless of how much time you have left to get started. Here are ways to earn extra money. Learn how you can earn extra money in easy and less easy ways. You can really do various things to earn extra money.

Extra money can mean that:

  • You can pay off your debts
  • You can save for a vacation, for example
  • You don't live from salary to salary
  • You may be able to retire earlier.
  • You can change jobs.

Everyone has a reason to want to earn extra money. It doesn't matter if you're looking for something for an hour or more. There are really many options when it comes to making extra money.

"How am I going to earn extra money?" You wonder now. I have made a list with many ideas for making extra money for young and old!

Start your own business. Ways to earn extra money by starting for yourself.

1. Starting your own business can be a great way to earn extra money and can even grow into a successful business where you can work full time and with which you can create a good income.

2. Start a blog. Blogging is a way that many people make money with. One more than the other, but you can earn good money with it. You can already start your blog for a small amount per month. There are various books and courses to help you on your way to building a blog.

3. Do you enjoy messing around in your garden? Then go and maintain the garden for others. Mow grass, weed, clean gutters, clean up leaves and dead branches.

4. Fitting houses. It's becoming increasingly famous in the travel world. If you want to go on holiday, but you don't have the money or you want to save money, you can look after someone's house. Perhaps you can find a nice place with a nice environment where you can fit on a house for a while. Sometimes there are pets present that need to be taken care of and sometimes you're even paid for it. There are many websites.

5. Watching and / or walking animals. Many people work and have no time to walk the dog. They can hire you for this. you can even walk a number of dogs at the same time if you start your own dog walk service.

6. Testing products. You can do this through the internet. You can sign up and if a product needs to be tested you may be asked to do this. If you still have a few free products and you can still be paid for them.

7. Become a driver. You can sign up at Uber and earn money by taking people to their destination. You decide how much time you invest in this and how much you earn.

8. Be careful. You can earn a little more money this way. If you want to earn really nice, start your own childcare from home. There are rules attached to this, but you can take care of a number of children at the same time.

9. Are you handy? Then start as a handyman / woman and offer your help to people who have odd jobs around the house. They are becoming increasingly scarce, so these people really have a good chance of finding work.

10. To clean. Cleaning houses is a very well-known way to earn extra money. There remains a demand and if you like to clean (yes, those people are there), you can earn a nice extra with this. I know someone who runs a successful cleaning company and cleans offices and companies.

11. Mover. Many people need help moving. Set up your own removal company together with a partner. The earnings are often very good.

12. Photographing. Many people have photography as a hobby, but you can develop yourself professionally if you like it. Nowadays you can also sell your photos to internet companies. A nice extra reward. Take some courses to make sure you can take good photos. It often starts with friends and family and can grow into a successful own business.

13. Hobbies. If you know a lot about your hobby, you can also earn money with it. Give workshops or courses to share your knowledge and experience with others. It doesn't matter what you do, music, crochet, diving, whatever.

14. Homework assistance and tutoring. Many people want to give extra tutoring in certain subjects for their child. If you know a lot about a subject, you can lend a helping hand. It also often pays very well.

15. Window washer. A very famous is the window cleaner. There is a lot of work to be found in it and it deserves to be nice if you can wash several houses in the same street after good word of mouth.

16. Washing cars. You can also earn a little extra with this.

17. Do you like to entertain children? Organize children's parties and make sure that you can make good face painting, crafting and possibly making animals from balloons. Many people give it away if they no longer know how to entertain the children on a birthday.

18. Paint. Can you paint well and nicely, then this might be something for you. Paint houses for others and earn extra money.

19. Your own courier company. You can deliver packages and papers for many companies.

20. Do you like weddings and is organizing something you don't turn your hands over? Then wedding planner is the job for you. Many people take someone in to help prepare the wedding and ensure that the day runs well. You take all worries out of the hands of the bride and groom so that they experience the best day of their lives. How nice is that to witness it.

21. The event planner is a fairly new concept. You organize events and take a lot out of the hands of the organizer.

22. Do you like ironing? Then go ironing for others. People bring their clean laundry to you and they can pick it up again. You can really get good money out of this.

23. Do you like baking? Start your own business in baking and selling cakes and cupcakes. It often starts with family and friends and can eventually grow into a real business, where you're asked to bake a cake for wedding, maternity party and birthdays.

Find a part-time job to earn extra money.

There are many part-time jobs that you can do in addition to your current (full-time or part-time) job. That way you also get extra money.

24. Go on a Christmas holiday to help with fireworks, sell oliebollen. They often ask extra staff for this because of the busy days. They are temporary jobs, but often deserve fun.

25. A part-time job in the summer. Have a look at a beach bar or a terrace to see if they can use extra help in the service or the kitchen. At a local swimming pool, they also need extra help in the summer when the outdoor swimming pool is open.

26. Behind the bar at a restaurant, bar or other places of entertainment. The working hours are often on weekends and in the evenings, so it's often easy to combine with another full-time job.

27. Hostess or host in a restaurant. You receive the guests and guide them to their table, tidy up, and ensure that everything runs smoothly for the guests. A nice job to earn extra money with.

28. On-call teacher. Substitute for teachers who are sick or on leave.

29. Another form of hospitality where you can earn extra money is in a hotel or holiday park. Various functions are available, both for seasonal work and throughout the year.

30. Working in a store. There are various functions to work in a store. As a seller, filler or cashier. You can often work enough hours there and you earn good money from it. Moreover, you often receive a discount on the products.

31. Tour guide. If you like going abroad, then the tour guide might be something for you. Ask travel organizations if it's possible that you can work for a summer in another country. In my country, tour guides are also needed at the well-known holiday parks. A nice experience and you earn something with it.

32. Working at a swimming pool as a lifeguard, keeping a private pool clean or at a water park in a holiday park keeping an eye on safety.

33. Coaching at the gym. You can follow a course for this, but often without a diploma you can do all kinds of work in a gym. Often you also get a discount for yourself if you want to work out, also nice again.

34. Working in a nursery. Many young people, specially in the Randstad, are surrounded by greenhouses and grow up working in the greenhouse. Go to growers and you'll quickly find a nice job among flowers, plants or fruit and vegetables.

35. Delivery of newspapers. The job that many young people have done or still do. Deliver newspapers and / or brochures. A nice achievement and you can also organize your own time a bit.

36. There are also flowers / plant auctions or vegetables / fruit auctions where you can get to work. Many part-timers are requested because it's often seasonal work.

37. They can often use some help on the farm. just visit a few farms.

38. Personal assistant. This profession is on the rise. You can help someone with administration, groceries, food, household tasks and appointment scheduling. A nice job with a lot of variety.

39. Private assistance for people with disabilities. Many people can get help through a PGB for the daily help they need. Think of shopping, taking care of meals and participation. A nice job in which you can mean a lot to someone.

40. Figurant. Do you like to be seen in a series or film? You can sign up as an extra, you get paid for this and you also have a nice experience.

Make money online.

Making money online is no longer new, but there are still people who have no idea how to use it. The best thing is that you can do it wherever you want. At home behind the laptop, on vacation or wherever you are. You can work online everywhere nowadays.

41. If you're good with language you can become a blood editor. You check the blogs for spelling mistakes and grammar. A nice extra income.

42. Many people are still struggling to find a job. Often it appears that their resume isn't in order or looks sloppy. You can help others to get their resumes in order. Offer yourself online.

43. Are you good at creating content for social media? Then a lot of work can be found here. Many companies are looking for people who manage social media for them and if you're familiar with the social media world and you manage the steps you need to take to reach the customer, they are certainly waiting for you.

44. If you have a lot of knowledge about building websites, you can help companies / entrepreneurs with their website. Entrepreneurs pay for this and you can really make good money if you put yourself on the map.

45. Freelance writing. Many online businesses employ freelance writers to put a piece of text on their website. That way they don't have to write everything themselves. You can sell articles about certain topics that you know about to blogs or informational websites, for example.

46. ​​Virtual assistants are increasingly being requested by internet entrepreneurs. They get a lot of work out of their hands, so that the entrepreneur only wants to focus on those things that are important to him or her. There are various tasks that you can get, answering e-mails, keeping an appointment agenda, organization tasks, talking to customers and the like. A varied job that can earn fun.

47. Complete surveys. There are many companies that pay for completing surveys. There are several on the internet. You don't always get paid in money, but often in products. This differs per website.

48. Create an online program with which you can help your customers. You can earn a nice income with this. If you know something about something, you can share this information with your customers in this way.

Selling stuff.

There are many ways to get extra money. Similarly by selling items. We all have some things lying around the house or in cupboards that we no longer use. Get rid of it!

49. Sell your stuff at marketplace, the number one website when it comes to second-hand stuff. Everyone knows the website and you can often lose some of your stuff.

50. Various sales groups can be found on Facebook. Many have been set up from a certain region. It's easier to sell something in your own region because people come to you faster to pick something up. Making and paying immediately is therefore a great option. You have less chance of not receiving your money or the product.

51. EBAY. Another way to sell your stuff is through EBAY. You have a worldwide reach and therefore have a greater chance of your product being sold.

52. Sell to second-hand stores. Not all second-hand stores pay for your things, but they are there. If you really have things that are of value, think of old things and antiques, then the store owner wants to give something for that.

53. Sell your clothes to a second-hand clothing store. We have one around here and she takes clothes, winter and summer clothes twice a year, and she sells them in her store. Half of the proceeds are for the customer who brings the clothes and the other half is for her. A good concept that really works.

54. Sell through a flea market or trunk sale. It can be an easy way to get rid of your things and earn an extra penny. Don't expect large amounts for it, because people still try to pay as little as possible. But every bit of help I always say.

55. Sell your old books. Often we have quite a few books that we have already read. They are then dusted in the cupboard or in the attic. You can also offer them through bol.com. Here you can buy and sell second-hand books. If it's your birthday you'll receive € 2.50 credit for your next order.

56. If you have discount vouchers for a day out, sauna, and you're not going to use this, then sell these vouchers. for something less than the discount, you have a little extra and the person who purchases it has a nice discount.

57. If you have homemade items that you would like to sell, do so through Etsy This is a website where these products can be found. Hobby stuff, vintage and flea market, home-made items and more of that sort of thing can be found there.

58. I know someone who sells meals. She cooks a little extra and through Facebook she puts down a message and you can come and collect it from her. So ... cook and sell food!

59. Think about starting a web store. You can sell both second-hand and new items. Here you have every choice.

Make extra money with your current job.

You can also always see where you can find opportunities within your current job to earn extra money.

60. Dare to ask! Ask for a salary increase. This is one of the best ways to generate extra money, because the work remains the same and you don't have to spend extra time on it.

61. If a promotion is possible within the company where you work, take it with both hands. This will also increase the hourly wage.

62. Ask if there is a possibility to work more hours. This way you create more income for yourself. If you have to work overtime, handle it with both hands.

63. Develop. Ask within the company where you work what the possibilities are for further development. Often the company pays for the course and you learn something new. This gives you more chances on the job market and on a promotion.

Earn extra money by renting out.

There are many things that you might rent to others. This is a way that many people would not easily think of, but this is also a good way to make money.

64. Do you have a garage and do you not use it at all or not at all? Then rent out the space so that people have a good place for their things. For example, someone could park a car in it. So you don't have to do much to earn extra money.

65. If you have your own parking space and you don't use it, you can rent it out to someone who is short of space in your area. In this way you also have extra income.

66. If you have an extra room left, rent it out. You can sign up through, this is a site where you can find and register a room.

67. Rent a car. If you don't always need your car, you can rent it out. You can rent the car for short or long term. Make sure the insurance is in order. Consider carefully whether you want everyone to drive in your car.

68. Rent out products that belong to certain festive occasions. Think of a stork in the garden or rusk with mice at the door for a birth or party items when someone turns 50 or decorations that belong to a wedding. People don't have to purchase this for one-off use.

Other ways to make money.

Besides the categories that I have just discussed, there are more ways to earn extra money.

69. Place ads on your car, there are companies that pay you to place an ad on your car. If there is room on your car and you don't mind placing an ad, check it out! It's again a fixed amount per month.

70. Start investing. There are no guarantees when it comes to investing, but there are people who have a feeling for it. If you have time to delve into this and know what you can best bet on then it can pay quite well.

71. Register on euroclix. Here you can earn clix with your online purchases on well-known websites such as Zalando, wehkamp, ​​nuon, Thuisbezorgd, AH, various newspaper subscriptions and much more. You can participate in a lottery and you'll earn your first clix by fully completing your profile. If you sign up here then you already have your first clix and I also get a few for your registration. If you make friends yourself, you also earn clix. You can exchange Clix for money. It takes a while before you have saved a little together, but it's still something you should think about.

72. One person is crazy about it, the other is annoying. Participate in all competitions that you come across. You'll probably have a prize once. The disadvantage is that they often want a lot of information from you, which isn't something everyone is waiting for.

73. Recycling is something that you should do as much as possible. You save a lot of money with this and therefore you save money again. Besides that, people sometimes make the nicest things and then sell them at flea markets and online.

74. Go write a book or articles for magazines or newspapers. Columns and blogs are very popular.

75. Buying and selling. There are people who really make a lot of money buying stuff at flea markets and thrift stores and then selling it for something more. It's an intensive activity, but the money you have left over can add up considerably.

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