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Make Money With Babysitting

You may have done it in the past as a teenager: watch out for the children of the neighbors or of family or friends of your parents. A nice extra income and you were often well cared for with chips and soft drinks. But nowadays babysitting is no longer just for teenage girls. You can offer yourself over the internet to look after children, both at the parents' home and as a childminder at your home. Nowadays many parents both work and would rather have their child cared for by one person they trust than spend at a daycare center.

Register with the largest babysitting job websites

If you want to register as a babysitter, you can register on the largest websites to bring parents and babysitters into contact with each other; an example website is sittercity.com. You can create an account here where you offer yourself. In most of these websites you indicate in which area you're available and what your rate is. You can also provide extensive information about yourself in your profile so that parents know who they are dealing with, such as your background and any experience. If you write a good promotional text, it is possible that parents will respond to your message and it will cost you nothing. If you want to respond to a call from parents yourself, usually they ask you to pay for this.

Babysitting work has some advantages

If you watch out in the evenings, you often don't have much to do. With a bit of luck, the child will already be in bed when you come and if the little one will sleep peacefully, you can watch TV, read a book or work on your studies. You can kill two birds with one stone.

How you earn money with babysitting?

You can earn per hour with babysitting. Among other things, it depends on how old you're and whether you have to be careful during the day or in the evening. It also matters how many children you can fit at the same time and how old they are. Sometimes the parents ask if you can do additional chores such as vacuuming or ironing. That, of course, must also be reflected in the price. When you register as a childminder to care for children in your own home, you must of course have provisions in your house such as a bed and changing mat to be able to care for a baby or toys and the like if older children come. You must also follow a course on child first aid in order to work as a childminder. This course must be repeated regularly to keep your knowledge up to date. So it requires a little more investment than if you watch out for the parents' house when they are out for a night out. These requirements are set because parents are reimbursed by theGet tax authorities if they hire a professional babysitter. This only applies to babysitting if the parents work.

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