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How to Earn Money Without Going to Work

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Almost everyone dreams of making money without getting tired. Impossible you think? Not anyway: even without inheriting and without going on the path of crime, you can earn a penny.

Okay, we admit it right away: the chance that you'll get stinkingly rich without work isn't exactly great - if it were, then few would feel the urge to give the best of themselves for an employer every day. If you put the following tips into practice, you can still add some extra money to your bank account in a fairly simple way. But if you really want to go for the big money, then you'll have to trust in your happiness.

1. Go shopping

It sounds contradictory, making money by going shopping, but it's still possible. Companies that want to work in a more customer-oriented way often rent so-called mystery shoppers to buy something 'undercover' in one of their stores and then report on their experience. This form of research is increasingly being conducted in my country. For the mystery shoppers in question, it yields a few tens of dollars per store visit.

2. Rent out your house

An ideal way to assure yourself of monthly income: buy and rent an investment property. Of course you need a good starting capital for that. If you have a large house for renting out, you can also divide it into several apartments. And if your house is in a student city, you can consider accommodating student rooms.

Note: don't buy and rent too many houses, because then your days will soon be filled with maintenance and repairs. And that starts to look like real work again.

If you're not financially strong enough to buy a full return property, perhaps start with a free room in the house where you live. If it meets the standards to some extent, then a student may want to move in.

3. Rent your car

Are there periods when you're not using your car? Then rent it instead of letting it rust. In my country it's perhaps not that common yet, but there are already sites that arrange this type of rental and the concept has been known for some time.

Do you use your car a lot? Then consider making him stick with publicity stickers and pay for it. Throw it into a deal with a company you want to advertise or offer your services through a specialized site .

4. Speculate on the stock exchange

This too is by no means without risk and you naturally need a starting capital for it. Yet speculating on the stock market is the most common method of earning money without working. Thousands of books have been written about what to buy and what to sell on the stock exchange, but there is no magic formula. Only a good dose of luck can really make you rich.

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