9 Ways to Earn Fast Online Money


Do you also find it so hard to make ends meet every month? Do you also want more money to do fun things. You're not the only one. We're going to talk about the best ways to make money fast online.

For each advice you'll find the difficulty level, time and the earning potential. These three variables will determine whether a certain method is ideal to earn some extras.

1. Working from home: simple assignments that are sent to your home

Imagine that you can earn money at home from the couch in your own living room. Thanks to the internet a lot is possible nowadays. Years ago there was already the so-called 'home work'.

People who sign up for this then receive boxes or stickers and have to perform simple actions at home and send them back. The time you spend on this is quite a lot and sending it back and forth isn't great. The earnings are also dramatically poor.

No, working from home isn't recommended. You can apply much better at the nearest Albert Heijn as a cashier. Seems to be the least stressful job and you earn above the minimum per hour. You also have to deal with nice colleagues.

2. Do you like writing? Get rich with blogging

Blogging is also such a wonderful thing. In the past you had to have a newspaper, magazine or magazine to be able to write something that's also read by many people.

With the advent of the internet, that's all a thing of the past. Anyone who has 15$ can purchase a domain and hosting package and then write down everything that comes to mind.

The earning potential is also high with blogging. But again a reality check: there are more bloggers who earn nothing than who get very rich with it.

Again the rule applies: if you're interesting, know how to write or are an authority in a certain area, you'll undoubtedly have many readers or have them in the future.

You earn money by selling your own products or by promoting someone else's products. You can also sell advertorials (paid articles) and other advertising space to companies.

How many companies want to pay for this depends on how many visitors and page views you have per day, month and year.

3. Many followers on Instagram? Recommend products

Instagram is very popular. The youth in particular has left Facebook en masse and has all gone to the 'instababy'. Where a lot of people are there is always a lot of money to be made. All famous stars have their own account. There they show where they are, what they are doing and with whom.

You'll see many gadgets, clothing and other items on photos and videos. Sometimes these are sponsored by a company. The Instagrammer earns his living with that. So first gather many followers, then you'll be approached by companies to recommend their message, product or service. Can you already hear the cash register ringing?

4. Give your opinion by filling out Surveys

Get money by giving your opinion. That sounds too good to be true, right? Well it isn't. Companies want to know their customers and find their potential customers of their company, brand and / or product (s). With this information they can improve their company and products in a targeted way, which in turn generates extra money for them.

The disadvantage of this method is that you have to complete a whole lot of surveys before you have earned a nice sum together. But you know what they say: "Patience is a beautiful thing."

5. Start your own business

Most people work for a boss and get their wages paid nicely every month. The salary is fixed (apart from a few professions with performance salaries) and is only increased after a number of years of work experience. Totally beautiful, but not if you want to earn a lot of money quickly.

Then you'll really have to start your own shop. But what? Surely there is something that you can do very well or know that can be useful to someone else. The rule isn't for nothing: if you can improve the life of someone else or ensure that your customers can earn more money, you'll always have work.

6. Cheap purchases and more expensive sales

The age-old principle of acting. The 'buy low' 'sell high' principle. When starting your own business is too big for you, you can buy popular products in large quantities so that you get a lot of discounts and sell them individually to people.

There are also regular companies that go bankrupt and where their remaining stock is auctioned for a low amount. There are of course more hijackers on the coast, but were you allowed to buy a leftover party for an apple and egg that's still in demand? Then you have found a goldmine.

This can be done through your own website / webshop but also through Ebay, Marktplaats or a Speurders.

7. Become an online teacher

Knowledge is power. But selling knowledge is absolutely beautiful. There are various websites and mediums where you can explain about a certain service, product or skill. You can sell your knowledge through your own website or through a medium such as Udemy .

If you first want to have many followers, you can also offer your tutorial or course for free through YouTube. You'll then earn some through the views.

8. Start a Facebook group and ask for money for access

You read it all right. Create a secret group on Facebook. It doesn't matter where it passes if people are only too happy to join. Recently, Facebook has given group managers the opportunity to easily request money from aspiring members.

The amount can go up to a maximum of 35$ per month and currently the income is 100% for you. Facebook grants you the full membership costs. Imagine having a group with 1 million paying members, Ka-ching!

9. Find errors in Netflix series

Make money with Netflixing? Yes, nowadays it's all possible. You don't have to do much, just keep your eyes open for any errors, errors and other malfunctions. If this error meets the conditions, you can receive $ 100 - $ 15,000 'finder's wage'.

Remember: Netflix has worked on a good program for a long time and it's not for nothing that it pays such high amounts. The chance that you find an error is very small, but if you happen to see one, report it immediately.

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