17 Ideas for Your Own Home Business


Looking for work from home but still not found the job that suits you? Then you simply create your own work! These days it isn't that difficult to start your own business at home.

Your own business at home also costs less money, because you save on rent (of a property) and transport.

List of 17 ideas for your own home business.

1- Sell ​​homemade products

If you're creative and handy, you can sell your own creations. For example in a webshop or on websites like Etsy. This can be drawings or paintings, but also homemade jewelry or clothing.

2- Start blog

With your own blog you write about topics that interest you. You can decide yourself when you work on your blog.

3- Accountant

Supporting self-employed people with their finances. Because you work from home and work independently, you can ask for lower prices than an accountant who works for a company.

4- Virtual Assistant

Agenda management, correspondence, maintenance of social media channels. These are just a few tasks that a Virtual Assistant could do. You support entrepreneurs and take a number of tasks off their hands so that they can concentrate on the work they are good at.

5- Weight consultant

As a weight consultant you help healthy people who are overweight or underweight. You help them gain and maintain a healthy weight. You do this by educating them about healthy eating and living habits and motivating them to learn different habits step by step.

6- Life coach

Assisting people in changing their lives in a positive way. You help people to take control of their own lives and to (re) discover their life purpose and passion.

7- Budget coach

As a budget coach you help people to use their money in a smart way. Together you make an overview of their financial situation and you determine a plan to eliminate any debts. Would you like to help other people to get their finances back in order and would you like to make it work for you? You can find a course to learn everything you need to become an independent buget coach and help other people to arrange their own home administration.

8- PC repair

Help people by doing small jobs on their computer. Such as removing unnecessary programs / malware or replacing parts. Many people have a computer, but have little knowledge of it. Not everyone has a handy neighbor who can solve the problem for them just as quickly.

9- Own business as a catering company

Hereby you provide snacks for (children's) parties / parties or meetings

10- Make cakes / cupcakes

For birthdays or other special occasions (such as weddings / births) people love to be able to serve a special cake made for them. You can often get to know this quickly because everyone at the party gets to see your cake and many special pictures are made of a special cake.

11- Make diaper cakes

A completely different kind of cake ... Diaper cakes are totally hip as a baby shower gift. But not everyone has the time or the skill to make one themselves. If you have great design ideas then you can really make this a success.

12- Own website

When you create your own website on a very specific topic, you can easily earn money with it.

13- Copywriter

Writing texts for customers.

14- Tutoring

Help students with the subjects that you're good at.

15- Writing a business plan

More and more people want to start their own business. Help people realize their dream by supporting them in writing a business plan for their own business.

16- Childminder

Many parents who don't want to bring their own children to a daycare choose to become a childminder themselves. In this way they can be at home with their own children and at the same time earn extra income by taking care of other people's children. But of course you don't have to be a parent yourself to become a childminder. It's important, however, that you can handle children well. A childminder is qualified and must meet various legal requirements. Parents may be entitled to reimbursement of the costs.

17- Babysit

As a babysitter you don't have to meet legal requirements. You don't work with contracts and you can work very flexibly. For example, taking care of children at lunchtime after school.

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