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It's hard to believe that Amazon started as a small website selling used books. The world's largest retailer, which now exceeds $ 602 billion USD, continues to grow exponentially and some financial experts predict that the company will soon be worth $ 1 trillion.

Amazon isn't just your go-to place for online shopping. The company also produces TV shows and movies through Amazon Studios, claiming $ 13 billion in their grocery store with their purchase of Whole Foods in 2017. Amazon also owns Zappos, IMBD, Audible, Goodreads and Twitch.tv just to name a few few.

As the business grows, it also has its marketplace for salespeople, and because the company offers so many different services and products, they can carve out unique jobs and side solutions for people who want to make extra money, work from home and of course become a salesperson.

If you're ready to explore ways to make money with Amazon, these are some of your best options.

1. Sell a product using Amazon's FBA

FBA means fulfilled by Amazon, and as a seller, all you have to do is send your inventory to Amazon's department store and they'll arrange for it to be shipped to you.

Some merchants choose to ship products themselves, to avoid heavy fees Amazon pays. There are pros and cons to doing this, but if your product sells at high volume, it's most appropriate to ship through FBA.

Out of all the options in this article on ways to make money with Amazon, the seller becomes the biggest opportunity to make extra income, but it also involves the greatest amount of research and uncertainty.

Selling a product on Amazon can be a great way to earn some extra income, but not start selling without first understanding what it entails. You run the risk of losing money if you don't do your due diligence first. I speak from first hand experience on that one.

My Amazon mistake

I have been selling products on Amazon for the past year and I have learned that research is a critical factor before you start.

This was my biggest mistake. In a nutshell, I didn't do enough research on the product until I made a big purchase of 1,000 units. After the shipping price from China was included in the retail price, the product became too expensive to sell (based on competitors' prices) and I was forced to lose.

If you really want to learn about how to sell on Amazon, it takes a lot of due diligence, YouTubing, reading and talking to others who have been in the business.

The great thing about Amazon is the sheer number of potential customers who can click and hopefully buy your product. The downside is that you face tough competition from other salespeople who do the same as you.

But the opportunity is still there and I'm here to tell you that it's possible to sell on Amazon and make money.

What do you need to understand before selling

The competition to sell a product on Amazon is high. Who knows if the product you choose to sell will even sell? It's a bit of a gamble, but when you figure out Amazon's rules and oddities, it can be very lucrative, specially during the holidays.

Let's say, after doing your product research on Amazon, you'll sell an olive oil dispenser that you can easily get from Alibaba. Most likely, you'll not be the first person to sell this item - not to say that you must be the first or only person to sell something to succeed.

But if you start selling a high volume of them, chances are, another seller will see it and follow suit.

Another thing to note is that many categories of items require approval from Amazon before you start selling. It's called being "ungated".

Examples of products that require approval from Amazon first include groceries, jewelry and beauty to name a few.

The process of being ungated for a product category is unclear at best. You must send Amazon invoices to the items you have purchased and intend to sell. For the first time seller, it may be a Catch-22 because you're expected to have proof of enough inventory, but you may not be approved to sell.

At one point, I tried to sell groceries and was rejected from Amazon for no reason why.

Because Amazon is such a big company, talking to a real person often means getting runaround from overseas customer service staff who just read from a script and aren't very helpful. It's just one of the many frustrations that come with big companies, like Amazon.

Once you get approved and start selling, you don't have to dedicate quite a few hours to maintaining the business. In my case, after we were approved to sell our item, we packed and shipped the items to Amazon's department store with individual barcode stickers on them.

5 things I've learned as a salesman

Now that I've had the business for about a year, these are my biggest takeaways:

  • Sell ​​an item that's in the $ 30-50 range and aim for margins to be $ 20 if possible.
  • Make sure you have plenty of stock at least 3-6 months before the holidays. Stock up because your sales will (hopefully) ride the holiday wave.
  • If you're buying from China, be aware that China has many holidays, specially Chinese New Year. Basically, this means that China has been shut down for approx. a month between February and March.
  • Make sure you calculate Amazon's fees carefully. Amazon's cut is significant, from shipping fees to your seller's subscription. There are plenty of calculators that Amazon sellers have created to help create transparency around how many fees a seller will cost, so you can calculate revenue correctly.
  • Just like number four, calculate your shipping costs carefully too. If you're sourcing from China, understand how shipping costs will eat into your bottom line.

A friend of mine was able to find a source for a product he was selling, literally in the next town from which he lived. This meant his bottom line was higher because he was able to avoid international shipping costs.

2. Private label your product

To avoid some of the competition on Amazon, many sellers have chosen private label their item, which means they register it on Amazon as their own.

The process of private labeling is more complicated than simply buying an item from Alibaba and selling it.

The upside to selling your own branded product on Amazon is that you always have complete control over your listing and you can make changes to your product if you need to. Let's say your customers complained about a specific feature of your product so you could make changes.

Let's say you sold pencils, but noted many of the negative reviews mentioned that they wanted the eraser to work better and that the pencil itself was wider for better grip. You can then take these recommendations from reviewers and make your own pencil and get it trademarked.

3. Retail Arbitrage

This is the opposite of private labeling. Retail arbitrage simply means buying low and selling high. Some salespeople make their entire lives on just retail arbitrage and have carved out a lucrative niche for themselves.

A lot of salespeople doing retail arbitrage try to avoid shipping costs (i.e. shipping from China is very expensive and eating into your profits), so they simply drive straight to the site and stock up on cheap items they think will sell.

That's why many salespeople spend a lot of time cruising through their local Walmarts to find the best and cheapest deals on just about anything. They buy up so many items that are on clearance and then sell it on Amazon.

I heard a podcast on Side Hustle Nation where a couple made their full-time retail arbitrage on Amazon and made over a million dollars in sales each year.

Their strategy was pretty simple. Check out their local Walmarts and use an app to scan items to see how much it sells for on Amazon. (Here's a useful comparison of two of the best scanning apps Amazon sellers use.) Then they use their knowledge of what has been successful in the past to determine if they think it will be a product that's worth selling.

This couple went to Walmarts near their home so often that they knew all the sales managers and would often get a discount on buying all the video games that sometimes involved buying hundreds of them at a time.

Retail arbitrage isn't for everyone because it involves a lot of research and time to find sites that have crazy liquidation and clearance sales (there are straight places you can subscribe to that will give you the inside scoop on where to go to cheapest liquidation sales), plus it will likely involve driving to the retail location to pick up the goods.

4. Work as a Delivery Fulfillment Warehouse Associate

If you're in the right location, you can apply to be a delivery warehouse association for their fulfillment centers, sorting centers, delivery stations, Prime Now locations, Campus Pickup Points and customer service centers.

You can filter your search by full or part time positions and by location.

5. Amazon Flex

Sometimes when I order from Amazon, I notice clothed delivery consultants delivering my packages.

Amazon's same-day delivery option for customers has necessitated more delivery assistance in various metropolitan areas. If you have a reliable car and a smartphone, consider delivering goods through Amazon Prime.

The company currently pays from $ 18-25 per. Time, and you'll need to download the app and answer a few simple questions before you can get started. They emphasize the flexibility and availability of shifts, but the downside is that there aren't always options in your area.

I have a friend who does this to earn extra income and he says he often finishes his shift a few hours early but still gets paid for the full five hours or preset hours.

Of course, this may not be true for everyone who delivers to Amazon, but it's nice to know that you can finish early, but still be compensated for the agreed time.

6. Work from home to Amazon

If you want a job where you can be home-based, consider a position on Amazon's virtual customer service team, also known as Amazon's Work-from-Home customer service reseller.

Virtual opportunities aren't available everywhere, but if you live in a specific area, you may be able to apply for Amazon's "work-from-home" positions as you're qualified and fit the position perfectly.

The base salary is $ 10 an hour, and full- and part-time positions are only available in certain areas, but you can filter your category-by-home and on-site search.

This is more seasonal, but has the potential to become permanent.

There were all kinds of posts listed, such as customer service rep posts for those who speak another language, other than English.

There are also non-customer service positions that people with a qualified technical background can potentially apply for, such as cloud tech account managers and technical trainers.

7. Become an Amazon Affiliate, Amazon Associates

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make passive income if you have a blog or website that generates a decent amount of traffic.

Become an Amazon affiliate and earn a commission by putting special affiliate links to various Amazon products on your site.

The idea is to promote products that fit your blog or website's mission. So if you have a website on how to travel effectively, you can promote items such as packing tops, sturdy suitcases or wrinkle-free clothing.

Every time someone who comes through your site clicks on the affiliate link, you make some money. You can earn anywhere from 4% to 8.5% of a sale.

Keep in mind that commissions are generally very low, which is why you need a significant amount of traffic to your site.

The more pageviews you have, the more chances the links will get clicks. No traffic means no chance that anyone will see the links to click.

Amazon offers a progressive revenue structure on the majority of goods and the more clicks and purchases you get from your site, the more you can make.

8. Publish an eBook on Amazon

You can independently publish an ebook on Amazon, and each time you sell, Amazon takes a cut that ranges from 35-70 percent of the listing.

I know what you're thinking: me? Write a book? It's crazy I don't have time for it or even know where to start!

Writing and publishing an ebook sounds unacceptable, and I haven't done it personally, but I know a lot about it because I'm an avid reader of eBooks from Amazon.

I subscribe to Kindle Unlimited. Membership is $ 9.99 a month. It has allowed me to not only read the ebooks and learn from them, but I can also see what type of content resonates with others on the site by reading reviews.

Over the years, I have learned that you don't need to create a potential Pulitzer Prize book to be published on Amazon. Because it's a self-publishing platform, anyone can do it, and many freelance writers have used Amazon to help bolster their expertise in their particular subject.

You can write about and publish something you feel very passionate about. Many of the books I've read aren't very long either - many are under 100 pages and very consumable.

The quality of the ebooks I have purchased over the years is also everywhere, which tells me that anyone can do it.

If you enjoy creative writing or have expert knowledge on specific topics, consider writing an ebook on Amazon.

As with anything you publish online, be proactive about promoting it and getting the word out and promoting it. Just because you publish it on Amazon doesn't mean that customers will constantly buy your book.

You can use CreateSpace.com (owned by Amazon) to get started.

9. Sign up for Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk, or MTurk, is a way to make small amounts of money and complete easy mindless tasks.

MTurk is a crowdsourcing marketplace created to bridge the gap between what a computer can't do and what a human can do. Amazon calls it the "Human Intelligence Task."

A Gizmodo review on MTurk said: "If you have a functional cerebral cortex, an internet connection and a few minutes to spare, you can pick up a handful of odd jobs and make a few bucks, pennies and nickels at a time."

It includes data entry, transcription, categorization, image recognition, to name a few.

You probably won't make much money, but it's easy to do and pretty much anyone can do this.

10. Apply to Amazon Handmade

In addition to dominating the sales market, try selling your items on Amazon Handmade if you make and sell handmade items, such as bags or jewelry.

The market competes directly with Etsy and eBay.

There are pros and cons to using handmade. For one, the general reach is great and their commission fee reflects that.

Handmade fees are much higher than Etsy as they charge 15% commissions and a $ 1 minimum fee, while Etsy charges a 3.5% commission and 20-cent listing fee.

Of course, you pay a higher price to Amazon's massive worldwide audience, but your profit margins will be lower.

If you make and sell handmade items, you can apply to join Handmade as long as your products fall under certain categories and must be done "completely manually, hand modified or hand assembled (not from a set) and handmade by you or one of Your employees. "

Their rules are strict, so be sure to check requirements to be approved.

11. Sell your designs with Amazon Merch

I heard about this last year when my sister was exploring the Amazon dashboard and somehow stumbled upon it.

Basically, you can send a t-shirt design to other merchants to buy. It’s a great way to connect with designers and people who need them to be made into shirts.

As with many seller reservations, it can be really competitive.

It probably won't make you rich, and it's possible that you might not even sell any of your designs, but it also won't cost you anything to try, so if you're creative and know how to make cool designs worth a shot.

The possibilities of selling a design can be closely linked to things that are timely or seasonal - remember the political shirts around the election? If you have an eye for riding trends and understand what can resonate with people, on a shirt, give it a shot.

As with many Amazon sales opportunities, you must approve from Amazon before you can upload your designs.

12. CamperForce

Remember when the minimalist trend first started happening? People were selling their homes and possessions and moving into a bus, small house, RV or van so they could hit the road and live anywhere they pleased.

It must have caught Amazon's attention because they now allow them to make money while on the road.

It's called CamperForce, and essentially you can make money by helping Amazon select, store, and receive item orders.

It's unclear how much you can make, but based on salary for other ways to make money on Amazon, it will most likely be decent. You can earn overtime pay and bonuses based on your time worked. For example, if you stayed on for the entire holiday season, you get a bonus.

If you go to Amazon's designated campground to pick up work during the holiday season (from fall to December 23), Amazon will cover your campsite fees and may even pay for some of your utilities.

13. Amazon Trade-In

This option doesn't make you any money, but Amazon is willing to pay you an Amazon gift card if you turn on your used books, games and gadgets.

Selling your used items individually takes some work as you have to take pictures, measurements (if it's clothing, accessories, etc.) and write a description.

This can be an easier option if you have a lot of old gadgets lying around but don't want to deal with the hassle of taking pictures and creating an ad to sell them online or have a garage sale.

Basically, all you have to do is gather your stuff and Amazon will give you an estimate of how much you'll earn for it. It's a handy advantage if you're a regular Amazon customer.

Even if you don't want to make money, you can use the Amazon gift card to buy everyday items, such as toilet paper and groceries.

14. Amazon Vine

If you regularly use Amazon and read reviews, you probably have read one or two that say the person received a free product in exchange for a review.

Like Amazon Trade-In, you'll not receive any money if you're part of Amazon Vine, but you'll receive free goods in exchange for a review.

Basically, it's a program that's only offered to people who leave consistent reviews for products so that no one can participate.

If you enjoy writing about your experience with different products, and tend to get many helpful voices from the Amazon community, you might be a good idea for Vine Voices.

15. Amazon Services

Are you a whisker to fix a leaky faucet, landscaping, cleaning and organizing? Amazon has created another way to expand the business through Amazon Services.

Similar to TaskRabbit or Angie's list, Amazon Services connects you with local professionals in your area to help you with various household needs.

The list of services includes plumbing, craftsman, house cleaning and more.

If you're successfully matched with a customer using your services, Amazon will take a 15-20% cut of the transaction.

Research and get to it

Whether it's selling a product, offering a service or writing reviews, people are using Amazon for more than just buying products. It's a great resource to make extra money, or turn your site's congestion into your biggest congestion.

Whatever you choose to do for more income, be sure to research and find out what you can.

Do you make money on Amazon using a method not listed in this article? Comment below and share it with the community!

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