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Trending Topic refers to a current issue, or word that's a reference at a particular time through social networks.

These are words repeated constantly during a certain time, and arises in relation to the rise of social networks, and issues that are trending and that appear frequently. What is repeated over a period of time.

Initially it's associated with Twitter, but it's a term that has also been transferred to other social networks, or how I use it to mention issues that have a great impact. On Twitter a trending topic is achieved thanks to hashtags that always include the initial pad # or keywords, which are fashionable and cause a great stir in the network because messages are created in which those words are included until they are They become a trend.

It's a way to know what is being talked about today, the most interesting topics and also to find all kinds of references about them.

Apparently the way to choose a trending tropic according to Twitter is thanks to the work of an algorithm that determines the topics that are trend in certain locations.

How to create a trending topic

Currently, only #hashtag that's used a large number of times becomes a true trend. To create a trending topic, keep these tips in mind:

- Creativity to power and simplicity when creating a word that can be repeated without problems.
- Using letters is the key, numbers don't have such a good result.
- Creating groups to encourage retweets, and that take on the word chosen as soon as possible is a very common tactic to achieve it.

Trending topic example

# HappyWednesday, this type of hashtag is very successful because they are often repeated regularly every day of the week with the consequent attention from users who end up turning it into the typical trending topic that's frequently used.

A brand, or user that achieves a trending topic, generates attention, which makes the rest of the community aware of its existence and therefore can obtain visibility about its products or services. Therefore, it's advisable to create original words and keep up to date with the most current news to try to achieve that visibility through social networks.

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