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Operational Marketing

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Operational marketing is the strategy that's responsible for executing the actions and tactics of sale with the aim of making known to potential buyers the characteristics of the products or services offered by a company.

The so-called tactical marketing depends on strategic marketing (more theoretical) for the achievement of greater objectives beyond numbers and metrics.

Operational marketing seeks to find markets in the short and medium term and is specified in decisions related to the product, its price, its distribution and communication. With no other objective than to increase the efficiency of marketing and organizational agility. It's a concrete action oriented to the product.

It's a more urgent, aggressive and visible commercial action because it corresponds to the marketing management action. Its effectiveness, however, will depend on the quality of the strategic choices previously set.

What is needed to carry out operational marketing?

These are the main needs to implement it:

- Specify the characteristics of the product or service offered.
- Select the intermediaries through which your distribution will take place.
- Set a suitable price for sale in relation to what the product offers according to its characteristics.
- Specify the means of communication that the company is going to use to publicize said product or service. This is essential since they represent a very important part of the gear of this strategy.

Why use it?

These are some reasons:

- Create products and services based on innovation and operational excellence to maximize the benefits of the company.
- It provides the volume of business of the companies. That is, sales.
- It affects short-term profitability.
- It's directly linked to strategic marketing.
- Minimizes the costs of resources and means.
- The risk of losses is lower.
- It's linked to tools such as advertising or mailing.

What functions does operational marketing perform?

The most outstanding functions are the following:

- Commercial policies: They must be coordinated and defined in time.
- Marketing group management.
- Coordination of actions:. From the design of the product or service to be offered until its distribution in the market.
- Product Attributes: It also focuses on the psychological and sociological aspects related to it.
- Product range management.: Also, it's responsible for the maintenance, modification, change or launch of new products.

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