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Marketing Management Orientations

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The concept of marketing management Orientations/guidelines refers to the guidelines that are taken into account to create and plan an effective marketing strategy.

Marketing has evolved a lot during all these years. Although before the actions were aimed at the offline world, the boom of new technologies and the Internet has further expanded the possibilities.

There are various orientations guided by the marketing direction of a business. But, even within those categories there has been an evolution over the years. An evolution motivated by the explosion of the entire digital sector and the high competition between companies that go to the same sector with similar products.

Types of marketing management orientations

The following orientations of the marketing management stand out:

- Orientation of the direction to the product: In this case what is sought is as a priority to improve the production system. This occurs when a company dominates the market and competition doesn't give problems or shade. Therefore, in this case the objective is to always improve the product to be better positioned.
- Orientation of the market direction: Here the essential thing is to study the market and know what it demands. Know the tastes of the ideal client to create the products and the related strategy to conquer this type of audience.
- Direction of the direction to the sales: When there is a great competition and enters war of prices it's habitual to establish strategies related to this question. The drop in prices, sales, discounts are options that are considered within this option to compete in a market where many companies want to take control of the audience.
- Direction of production management: In this case the demand is to acquire immediate products, it isn't so much to provide quality but immediacy. That means producing much more and with low costs because the products will have lower costs in the market.
- Direction of the direction to the digital sector: The orientation is totally directed to the digital business. It's about taking advantage of everything that a product offers on the internet. They are businesses that want to have an online store, blogs to live on them, monetized pages and also make use only of digital actions to position themselves against their competition.

These are some of the options that predominate, but the digital evolution, the current competition and the change in the markets are decisive factors so that they vary at any time and others appear.

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