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The ideal client of a company is the person or company that has needs that can be solved through the services or products of the company.

The ideal client is set in the company because through their services and products they can meet their needs. You will always appreciate the work of the company and will be a good subscriber, who will see the company as a valuable need instead of a problem.

Why is it important to know the ideal client?

These are the main reasons:

- Knowing who we're going to: knowing who we're going to know, we can focus on that particular profile.
- Direct the language towards the ideal client: the contents of the web, blog articles, the way of writing the emails, all this must be consistent and adapted to the profile of the ideal client. It's important to note that a specific tone should be used at written and oral level. For example: if we talk about "you" to customers we should do it in all publications, that's consistency. If we talk about "you" we will use that form in all my communication areas.
- Improve our services or products: the better the ideal customer is known, the more clues you have about the adjustments that can be made to the services or products, including the creation of new ones if there is a business possibility in them.

How can you create the ideal client file?

To know the ideal client, the first thing is to observe who the general clients are and analyze the one that makes the greatest and best use of the services. An example of an ideal customer record could have the following information:

- Name and surname
- Personal tastes
- Age
- Work
- Hobbies
- Consumption habits
- All the details we can include to create a mental image of him.

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