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Emotional Marketing

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Emotional marketing is that discipline whose sales strategies for a product or service that are focused on connecting with the public at the communication level.

In other words, emotional marketing is the part of marketing that poses strategies that attempt to achieve an emotional bond with a type of message that warms your subconscious by awakening your feelings. Appealing to the more human side.

This discipline intends that the communication established between the company and the client be bidirectional. That is, the participation of the public gains strength. This is due to the client's ability to make the decision when he wants to purchase a product or service.

The potential consumer follows his emotions to evaluate this product or service: he can comment on social networks, give likes, have his own community of followers... Companies also take advantage of the opportunity that technology gives them by being able to establish customer service channels in the different social platforms.

Characteristics of emotional marketing

Below we list the main characteristics of emotional marketing:

- It has more impact by awakening diverse feelings in our psyche. They cause a lasting effect and a high degree of empathy.
- They wake up a great interaction in the different channels of digital communication.
- They improve the image of the brand. Working the emotional part is a plus for any business.
- The link with the client is enhanced. Also your satisfaction. It goes to a higher degree because there are emotional implications.
- The message goes deeper into the client and lasts longer in time. You can repeat the purchase. These options mean a greater possibility of generating more sales.

Emotional marketing requires valuable content and messages that make a difference, that make us live experiences with your products or services. Through them we manifest feelings that lead us to make decisions.

The importance of telling stories with a great human component

The real stories have a great human component, they usually engage and are often used by brands to develop their sales campaigns.

Given this scenario, companies, brands or individuals are forced to design coherent and social marketing strategies that touch the sensitive fiber of the client so that it responds in the form of a purchase.

Some sales actions that know how to make you fall in love through emotions (joy, sadness, compassion, nostalgia...). In this way, the user will be identified with the brand. Emotions move the world and we must take advantage of this circumstance.

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