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Educational marketing aims to transmit to the public or society the lines of work that are being developed in educational centers and institutions. The objective is to publicize your educational project, the innovative and innovative lines that are developed.

It arises from several factors:

- The economic crisis caused private and concerted schools to take into account the work of marketing and communication to bring their proposal closer to society.
- The reduction of students by lowering the birth rate index.
- The competition between schools and the proposals that each of them manages.

These issues led the centers to consider the need to show what happens in each of them and the benefits that students who attend can have.

Characteristics of educational marketing

- Plan actions and strategies to reflect your work and identity. In this sense, the center should reflect on what it stands out. For example: if it's a religious entity, it can be announced in the press of this sector, in activities that stand out within its ideals and in addressing groups whose children want to receive this type of education.
- Identify the needs of students and families, focusing on the groups of interest for the center. Conduct a research work of the students who come to the center, their characteristics, what are their needs, with all this a strategy is developed to meet those needs.
- Improve positioning in front of competition centers. Carrying out a competition research work will be useful to know the activities they carry out and promote those of the center itself.
- Increase student recruitment. One of the objectives is that there be an increase in students, even more when they are private or concerted schools. Therefore, educational marketing aims to encourage this increase in students through the actions that the center will implement.
- Increase more direct contact with students' families. To find out the needs of students and families, the center can establish a closer contact to know their opinions, reactions, tastes and desires.
- Improve the degree of satisfaction among families. The positive testimonies of the families can be definitive to increase the recruitment of students and make the center known.

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