Direct Marketing


What is Direct Marketing?

Direct marketing is sending personalized communications periodically by a company to each of its customers.

These communications are directed to a preselected audience, and never at random, through wise variables with the final objective of deepening the relationship with them. Although the target of Direct Marketing, as we have said, must be very well on track, the preparation techniques are the same as in conventional advertising: creativity, production and dissemination.

Two of the fundamental pillars for this personalized communication strategy to succeed are, without a doubt, the databases and contact channels used.

The most used modern method of Direct Marketing is E-Mailing, through which those responsible for the company or institution send messages, which are usually news, news or promotions to their target defined by geographical area, age, gender or consumption habits.

Another more traditional method is the 'mailbox', by which companies introduce letters, brochures or leaflets in the mailboxes of private homes and businesses. Another form of Direct Marketing is Telemarketing, through which companies call selected phone numbers to offer their services. This last practice, when it becomes repetitive and abusive, has been denounced to the full by the different consumer associations.

Among the essential advantages of this type of communication are the speed and its low costs, as well as the careful delimitation, or at least that would be the ideal, of your target. This gives it a greater range of effectiveness, than that of the mass media.

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