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Business to business (B2B), which means business to business, is a model of transmission of information on the network related to the commercial transactions that companies in the world carry out.

In the Marketing world, Business to business is known as a way of operating between companies directly (business to business), since it encompasses the commercial operations that firms carry out between them and without depending on the end customer. That is, in this type of marketing strategy companies aim at other companies rather than a consumer.

Through Business to business, a type of electronic commerce is developed that encompasses different online activities such as the purchase of goods and services using tools such as credit cards or so-called electronic wallets or Internet payment services as payment. Some of the main advantages that derive from the use of B2B actions have to do specially with the recent evolution that the online environment has experienced and its vital importance in the day to day.

Business to business means carrying out business operations more quickly and safely as it develops between the electronic systems of the corresponding companies. In the same way, this helps to increase the number of transactions and, therefore, contribute to the growth of competition. On the other hand, B2B helps the commercial activity to suffer thanks to this rapid increase, a decrease in many management costs and, therefore, higher margins for the selling companies.

As noted at the beginning, the definition of Business to business itself assumes that the final customer isn't taken into account in their transactions. For this other type of activity there is another phenomenon more specific to customers and known as Business to consumer.

Companies that identify with a B2B service accept that the group of potential customers they have is much smaller than if they were directed to current customers and not to other businesses. However, the positive thing about this fact is that in this way they can further customize their product and the marketing strategies they use for marketing.

In this regard, it's common that, due to the nature of their sales, companies maintain customer loyalty relationships with each other, maintaining suppliers over certain periods of time. This is also important given the difficulty that exists within this modality when it comes to getting new business customers. Normally companies rely on multiple specific platforms in the network to search for these business relationships.

In the same way, they can also be helped thanks to existing business exchanges by geographical areas or by industrial sectors, as well as in publications and print media that fulfill this information task.

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