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Branding is the set of marketing strategies aimed at establishing and strengthening a corporate brand or idea within the communication strategy of an entity.

The expansion and importance of marketing has been aimed at bilateral communication between consumer or seller, so as to establish a dual-slope information channel, on the one hand transmitting tastes, trends and needs of the target audience to the organization and on the other part, that it offers a product, message or idea that meets the needs of the consumer.

Branding consists in positioning and enhancing the brand image as an express and quick definition of a product or service, so that it's easily and fully identifiable by consumers. In this sense, branding consists of 5 phases:

- Name creation
- Corporate identity
- Positioning of the idea and image
- Brand development and loyalty
- Brand organization.

This is intended to locate and adjust the organization it represents with respect to its competitors and reflect a high level of knowledge with some of the brand strategies.

The importance of branding

In this sense, the image, logo or symbol is crucial to identify and represent the message or organization that wants to spread, and how it wants to be done. This image can properly be a photo, logo, acronyms or colors, and in all of them the forms and components that they have play a great importance, since it'll focus on the class or group of consumers that are attractive to your business.

However, branding isn't only based on the construction of a corporate image itself, but as this field of research marketing has developed and complexed, alternatives have emerged that may even present as a marketing strategy the non-achievement of a logo. Are those cases in which a product, service or idea is reflected through a phrase that remains in the memory, a way of working or type of employees, or a way to differentiate the buyer between their peers. In this case, branding focuses on that distinctive but unequivocal feature of the brand that it represents towards the consumer.

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