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What is Advertising

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Advertising is a type of audio and / or visual marketing communication that uses sponsored and impersonal messages to promote or sell a brand or service product.

Through this impersonal communication try to persuade to buy a product, service or brand, make it known or transmit an image about it.

The intention that's sought when performing this action is to influence their behavior by giving information about something, which can be a good or service in general. In this way, it seeks to get more buyers or followers of that something.

Therefore, we could summarize all this in that we talk about advertising as a communication with a clearly commercial intention that seeks to stimulate the consumption of a product. It's one of the multiple tools that marketing has to attract the attention of future clients.

Advertisers or sponsors are organizations that want to promote their products or services. So they try to find the greatest possible scope and the greatest possible effectiveness. For this, it's necessary that it's aimed at its target audience and target market. Advertisers or sponsors can be a company, an NGO or any official entity.

The media used by advertising are very diverse, from the oldest such as television, radio, magazines, newspapers, direct mail or outdoor advertising, to advertising on web search engines, blogs and websites, email or messages of text.

It's important to distinguish advertising from other activities aimed at influencing people such as public relations and propaganda.

Advertising Objectives

Through advertising, it's about highlighting the strengths of the product in question to create a sense of need in the consumer, interest in acquiring it or simply his memory. That is, be noticed.

We can distinguish two types of advertising according to their objective:

- Call to action: Your goal is to persuade to buy the product or service or for the customer to take any action that brings you closer to this purchase.
- Branding: It's the process of creating a brand. It refers to all the marketing strategies used to build the identity of a company.

To achieve the objectives set by this definition, communication must be carried out using the media and other information channels that are increasingly numerous and varied due to the exponential digital growth we live. Through the Internet there has been a significant change in the way of advertising campaigns, in the hands of the traditional work of agencies or contracted advertising.

Advertising Techniques

Advertising encompasses multiple techniques of study and analysis of people's behavior, at the psychological or sociological level. The results obtained with them are useful when doing market research and creating effective advertising messages for each type of target audience.

Obviously, there are many types of possible actions when conducting or organizing a campaign, such as direct marketing, promotions, propaganda or sponsorships of events among other mechanisms.

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