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Advertising Campaign

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It's called as an advertising campaign to processes formed by groups of ideas gathered and organized with the mission of publicizing a good or service offered for commercial purposes. It's the implementation of advertising tools to fulfill its mission.

With the help of advertising campaigns, companies attract the interest of the public they want to target, as they have previously defined it. An important part of this previous approach is to know the main theme of the campaign: what is going to be sold, to whom and why this public would like to get the product in question.

Knowing these needs, is when the central message is communicated and the marketing resources that'll need to be controlled in the campaign. It will therefore be necessary to carry out a previous analysis for the organization of the subsequent marketing mix.

When developing a marketing campaign, companies usually perform analyzes on their potential customers. To do this, they take into account criteria as diverse as the public's feelings, interests, economic capacity... The main idea when knowing these details is to propose communications that help stimulate emotions in people such as belonging, desire or need to obtain what is offered.

It should be noted that in working with campaigns there are basic elements for achieving success such as originality, imagination and creativity. The result of a good campaign translates into increases in sales or valuation, which is why companies are always looking for innovative marketing jobs that can get a grip on the audience they are targeting.

It's necessary to highlight the important role played by the media as the main channel and support for advertising campaigns. Newspapers, televisions, radios and the Internet, specially in recent years, have multiple spaces aimed at supporting campaigns by reaching the millions of people who consume them.

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