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Marketing is the set of activities aimed at identifying and satisfying the needs and desires of consumers. It's also known as marketing or marketing.

When we talk about marketing we're referring to all the activities that aim to improve the sales process. Not only in the advertising sense of attracting more people with a beautiful product and design, but also of identifying what customers need. That is, study what they need, why they need it, how they want it or why they want it.

That said, we realize how the discipline of marketing goes far beyond advertising. Marketing and advertising, as we have said, aren't the same. Thus, we could say that advertising is only part of marketing.

Marketing objectives

The ultimate goal of marketing is to bring the products and services of a company to people who need and want them, generating value and ensuring profitability. As well as attracting the attention of the public through exposure to the media, using slogans, renowned people and developing the design that surrounds the products.

Marketing strategies

Marketing strategies are 4, known as the 4P's of marketing:

- Product
- Price
- Distribution
- Promotion or communication

But Marketing is more than this, it's often believed to be only about advertising and sales. However, Marketing encompasses everything that leads a company to acquire customers and maintain a relationship with them. Whether, for example, from a letter or thank you mail to a meal with a potential client.

Companies study the environment that'll surround their project, so that it can face and anticipate its characteristics and evolution. They analyze the current situation based on that marketing environment, and the company is oriented towards its objectives. For this, it's very important to carry out a marketing plan, which is one of the most important elements of a company's business plan.

Different definitions of Marketing

Marketing or marketing is a very broad concept where all experts get nuances to previous definitions, here we see the most common:

- AMA (American Marketing Association): It's a function of the company and a set of processes to create, communicate and distribute value to customers and relationships with the isms in a way that benefits the company and its public.
- Santesmases: It's a way of conceiving and executing the exchange relationship, in order to be satisfactory to the parties involved and to society, through development, valuation and promotion, by one of the parts of the goods, services or ideas That the other party needs.
- Philip Kotler: It's a social and administrative process through which groups and individuals get what they need and want through generating, offering and exchanging valuable products with their peers.

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