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The Marketing department of a company must manage and coordinate sales strategies. This is its main function.

In addition, you must make a profit while satisfying the client's requirements and needs.

The objective of the marketing department is to locate and achieve a position for the company in the market and thus increase sales and revenues.

Functions of the marketing department

We will explain below the functions of the marketing department that we have described above:

1. Research

The first function that the marketing department has is research. You must conduct market research and commercial research.

In these studies an external and internal analysis of the company is carried out. The external analysis focuses on the study of the market in which our company competes.

You must also take into account the factors that can influence you " economic, social, political and technological ".

The internal analysis, on the other hand, studies the operation of our company, seeing strengths and weaknesses in our organization.

2. Planning

The next function of the marketing department is the planning of a marketing strategy.

First, we must determine the final objective that we will have, and from there, the department will build a plan divided into short-term " less than one year seen " and long term " more than one year seen " actions.

The action plan must have a duration of three years, in order to have enough time to adapt to the vision of the company and specify the missions that'll allow us to achieve it.

3. Implementation

Once the action plan has been completed, we must assign the tasks to the different subgroups and teams within the marketing department.

Communication between the different internal organizations is important and therefore, it's necessary to create an effective communication system between them.

4. Feedback and monitoring

Finally, what the marketing department should do is the monitoring and verification that the measures taken are being effective.

They must meet the expectations at the human level " the rapport between the different teams must be correct ", economic " they must generate benefits and add value " and strategic " must bring us closer to the vision of the company ".

Now you know the distribution of functions within the marketing department.

We have also described how the marketing department of our company should work in order to reach a successful strategy.

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