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The MES system " Manufacturing Execution System " to optimize the management of the production plant. MES tries to reduce the time and cost of production using the analysis of plant data to plan production. That is, an MES system is used with the intention of increasing the overall efficiency of equipment " machinery " " OEE, Overall Equipment Effectiveness ". The MES system is widely used for companies with mass production, for example, in the automobile sector.

Within the planning, it's stipulated: priority in work orders; connection and disconnection of machines and equipment; workflows and materials; adjustment and reading of quality parameters; assignment of tasks to staff; reprogramming and / or relocation of equipment and machines; etc. It's studied which machines should be used at what time, when they should receive maintenance and revisions and the effectiveness of the machine is checked. In this way, we try to get the maximum performance in the minimum possible time, using methodologies such as Lean Manufacturing.

Due to all the planning involved, this system is usually connected to supply chain, sales and service management, products and / or engineering processes, controls and ERP software. This means that MONTH is an intermediate step between business decisions and process decisions. This connection between the different levels can be seen in the ISA 95 model. The ISA " International Society of Automation " model is a standard of integration of companies and control systems.

How is the MONTH different from the MOM?

In level 3 are the manufacturing operations systems, such as MES and MOM " Manufacturing Operations Management ". There are those who use it interchangeably as synonyms. However, they aren't the same.

The MOM focuses on the management of the operations and executions of the plant " such as management of recipes and batches or benefits ". While the MONTH is focused on the analysis. From the results of the data extracted from the previous levels, the MES tries to reduce costs, at the same time as it intends to increase the productivity of the plant and the traceability and quality of the products.

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