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What Can I Do With Strategic Staff Planning

Strategic personnel planning means that you look at which employees you need now and in the future. This is important for large and small organizations. Read what you can do as an entrepreneur here.

The right person, in the right place, at the right time. That's the challenge that every employer faces. You may have job openings that are difficult to fill. Or it's not easy to keep talents on board, while you prefer to see dysfunctional employees leave.

Strategic personnel planning increases your chances

As an employer you're faced with the task of steering the deployment of staff in the right direction. Strategic personnel planning can help you with this. It provides you with the tools to properly arrange the inflow, throughflow and outflow of staff. This increases the chances of success for your company.

Vision of the future

Strategic personnel planning requires a well-developed vision of the future. You can only determine which people are needed if you have a clear course in mind. A shopkeeper who wants to do more online than, for example, discovers that he needs staff with specific characteristics .

Developing a vision starts with the current situation. From there you can see what your company needs in the future to remain successful. This is done with a so-called fleet survey. You map the workforce in two ways: with a quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Quantitative analysis

With a quantitative analysis you look at the number of employees that your company needs now and in the future. That number should of course not be too high, but not too low either. In the first case, the personnel costs rise, while in the last case your employees are on their toes.

A need for personnel may arise based on all kinds of developments. You can pay attention to data about the revenue growth of your company and see if any growth continues.

It's also possible that you have to deal with a changing staff requirement, as is often the case in the hospitality industry .

Qualitative analysis

With a qualitative analysis you look at the quality of the workforce. You can make an overview of all employees with their performance and potential. This often happens based on the HR3P model. This abbreviation stands for Human Resources Performance Potential Portfolio.

With this model you go through a number of steps, whereby employees are usually classified into four categories: laggards (low performance and low potential), question marks (low performance and high potential), worker bees (high performance and low potential) and golden roosters (high performance and high potential).

Right measures

You can take the right measures based on the fleet survey. If you expect a certain need for personnel to arise in the future, you can take this into account, for example, in recruitment and selection. You can also bind employees with high potential to you by allowing them to continue.

Moreover, strategic staff planning is an ongoing process. It means that you as an employer keep an eye on which employees you need now and in the future. With all kinds of instruments, such as quantitative and qualitative analysis, you can make better decisions about this.

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