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Use Video With Staff Recruitment

In many industries it's difficult to find new employees. As an employer you may have to go all out to find good staff. To stand out with the right candidates, a creative approach is needed.

Video increases your chance of staff

Research from job site Monsterboard shows that the use of video can make a big difference. Certainly to reach millennials, video can be a powerful tool.

Various studies show the following:

There is a 96% higher chance that a candidate will click through in an email or on a website if it contains a video.

60% of internet users prefer video than text.

Google indexes a video 53 times better than text. Video ensures better findability of your online vacancy.

50% of all traffic on mobile devices is video.

In 2018, 84% of internet traffic will consist of video.

The use of videos in your online job openings is therefore not a superfluous luxury. But how do you do that smart? 5 tips for entrepreneurs looking for staff:

1. Make targeted videos for recruitment

First determine what your main purpose is for the video or videos that you'll make. Describe that goal and determine what type of video you'll make. You have roughly the following options:

- A business video. With this you give candidates and others a general impression of your company. This gives them a clearer picture of what your company is doing and what the company's vision is.
- An atmospheric video. For potential applicants it's important to also taste the atmosphere in the workplace. So make an atmospheric video. Interview employees and show what they do inside (and outside) the company walls. With this video you can take the core values of your corporate culture as a starting point.
- A video vacancy. In this video you explain what the function entails. Just like in a good vacancy text, you keep it short and to the point. Show what you mean on screen and make candidates enthusiastic to respond. Provide a direct call to action. You do this by pointing the viewers to a button or link that they can use to submit their application directly. This increases the number of applications.

2. Provide pace and variety

To convince potential employees, your video must be fascinating. The start of the video is crucial. In the first three seconds of a video, the viewer decides whether or not to watch.

Think carefully about what you want to radiate towards your future employee. Keep it attractive by keeping up the pace and changing images quickly.

3. Make videos for mobile use

Half of all recruitment videos are viewed on a smartphone. Mobile use only continues to increase. So make sure that your video is suitable for mobile. For example, adjust the size of the video for different social media channels. Also provide subtitles, because many people watch videos on their smartphone without sound.

Research by Kelton shows that as many as 50 percent of applicants drop out within three seconds if a web page isn't user-friendly for mobile. So make sure your website is mobile friendly and your video is loaded quickly.

4. Short, clear and funny

In a video you can transfer a lot of information in a short time. The biggest mistake that's often made is: being too long-winded. Try to summarize your message in three to five short points. Use clear language, short sentences and change the setting after each point made.

Be clear in words and images and also use humor. Who wants to watch a boring video now?

5. Make sure your video is being watched

Once you have made a good video, it doesn't automatically generate viewers. Make sure your video is findable and well distributed. You can post your video on YouTube - after Google the most used search function. Of course you also place the video on your own website and social media channels, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Make sure your video ends up in the places where your target group is located. Think of general job sites, but also websites for specific branches. In addition, try to involve your staff in recruitment. If they proudly share the videos in their own network and through social media, that's a good sign that your video hits the right note. And it often yields the best applicants.

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