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The Importance of Marketing for Sales

Marketing and sales go hand in hand in an ideal world. Marketing provides leads and prospects. Sales follows up leads and sells.

But we don't live in an ideal world... and the importance of (good!) Marketing for sales is often underestimated, while both are equally crucial to the success of your business.

In this article you discover

why marketing is essential

to grow your business and to scale or improve your sales.

The importance of good marketing for sales

1. Marketing ensures brand awareness

Marketing is the process by which you introduce and promote your products and services to potential customers. You can have the best products and services in the world, without marketing nobody will know them and - in fact - nobody will know your company.

One of the biggest merits of marketing for sales is that marketing ensures that people have heard of your products, services and company. That you're


when they consider a purchase. Marketing provides

much needed brand awareness


2. Marketing positions and differentiates

Marketing brings out the

uniqueness of your company

- think of pricing, quality and services, for example - and communicate your proposition clearly to your target audience through branding and marketing communication.

In short

: marketing communicates your brand identity, positions your company in relation to your competitors and gives your target audience and your sales team reasons and motivations to choose you and not for the competition.

3. Marketing attracts the right customers at the right time

Ideally, marketing and sales put together '

buyer personas

', which are customer profiles of ideal or typical customers with information about their demographics, characteristics, problems, questions and motivations.

Marketing matches the branding and communication of your company to those target groups and attracts the

right customers

or 'buyer personas'

at the right time

through relevant and useful content.

This way you get more and specially the right visitors, leads and customers on your blog or website, with more interest and more sales as a result.

4. Marketing qualifies

Marketing will not only attract potential customers for your business, but also

bind them

to your business with email marketing, Calls-To-Action, lead magnets such as e-books and forms. In short: your marketers offer customers something valuable in exchange for their data.

Thanks to that data, your company can

better qualify



: determine whether they are potential customers for your company and which of your products and services they might be interested in.

In this way, sales teams are only addressed if there is

real interest

among potential customers and sales customers can provide

targeted information

, help and offer an attractive offer tailored to their problems, goals and situation.

5. Marketing improves the efficiency of your sales process

As said, marketing shares useful and relevant information that your target audience is looking for: answers to questions, solutions to problems, etc. All of this must of course be related to your company, products and services.

That way you as a company attract people through Google and other channels, but you also inform people much better about your products and services.

As a result, your sales team doesn't have to spend their valuable time answering the same questions over and over again, but they can focus on what they are good at:

identifying leads, helping customers and selling


Moreover, marketing can partly automate the follow-up and qualification of customers, for example through automated emails and segmentation.

In short: marketing improves the efficiency of your sales process!

6. Marketing ensures growth

Marketing is important

to ensure the growth of your business

. Existing customers are a priority, but it's also crucial to keep finding and scaling new customers.

A blog, social media posts and e-mail campaigns aren't only interesting for your existing customers, they also appeal to new customers. In this way you help ensure the future of your company.

7. Marketing ensures more sales

Ultimately it all comes down to this...

Marketing ensures more brand awareness, increases the credibility of your company and the trust of customers in your company. Moreover, marketing attracts the right customers and marketing also qualifies these leads quickly and efficiently. If sales still offer the right support to the right lead, then the formula is clear:

Brand awareness + credibility + trust + the right customer + the right offer = more sales!

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