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The Importance of Business Automation Software

With business application or business automation software you can automate the most important business processes within your organization. Do you want to choose a new solution? Then click here on the type of solution you're looking for and use the books, white papers, boxes and other information about that type of business software.

What is business software?

Business software or business software is the collective name of various solutions that you use to automate the most important parts of your business process. Examples are software for financial administration, sales, purchasing, stock management, HRM and logistics. The importance that business software has for your organization determines the high demands that are made on its choice.

Types of business software

ERP software

Integrated software for company-wide administrative, commercial and logistical applications. Related concepts: business software, ERP in the cloud, financial processes, financial management, business administration, accounting software, logistics management, more efficient purchasing, inventory, logistics, eCommerce, personnel administration, business processes improvement, analysis and reporting, production process, business application, payment transactions, calculation software, creditors, credit management, electronic banking, electronic invoicing, collection management, purchasing administration, service administration, planning, professional service automation (PSA), sales administration.

HRM software

Software for optimally automating administrative processes around human resource management (HRM). Effective management of personnel data, salaries, contracts, pensions, leave and absence, time registration, etc. Related concepts: HRM system, e-HRM, human resource management, mobile HRM, HR administration, payroll administration, salary processing, personnel administration, HR processes, leave and absence management, self-service for employees, ESS, MSS, payslips, declarations, competence management, performance management, planning software, time registration, access control.

WMS software

Software for warehouse management or warehouse management. Systems that help control, manage and optimize goods flows. Related concepts: WMS system, inventory management, product management, order management, shipping, tracking & tracing, order picking, order picking, link to web shops, logistics processes, optimizing, warehouse logistics, product management, assortment management.

TMS software

Software for automating logistical and administrative processes related to the transport of goods or people and the planning thereof. Related concepts: transport management system, transport software, transport management, route planning, route optimization, navigation, vehicle tracking system, fleet management, fleet management, time registration, delivery times, driving style analysis, on-board computers, export, import, warehouse administration.

Accounting software

This forms the core of your financial administration. It enables you to meet your administrative obligations, provides insight into incoming and outgoing cash flows and offers control over revenue developments and business results. See also ERP software and financial software.

Business process management software

Software for efficient and effective management of business processes, so that they can be further optimized and automated. Related concepts: process analysis and design, project administration, project management, work order administration, workflow management, WFM, change processes.

CRM software

Software solutions for CRM and relationship management. Related concepts: CRM in the cloud, contact management, customer contact, relationship management, lead management, lead follow-up, opportunity management, eCommerce, sales activities, sales tunnel, dashboards, CRM tool, online CRM, subscriptions, acquisition software, call center, help desk, marketing automation, sales plan, forecast.

DMS software

Automation solutions for the storage, management and retrieval of many types of incoming and outgoing business documents. Optimization of your document flow. Related concepts: DMS system, document management, document management, scanning and digital storage, digital archiving, version management, process improvement, workflow.

BI software

One system that collects, processes, analyzes and presents information from multiple information systems with the aim of being able to better substantiate and make management decisions. Related concepts: BI system, big data, business analytics, self service BI, data management, data visualization, analytical software, quality assurance, management dashboard, performance management, data analytics, data warehousing, data governance, visualization, data mining, data integration, data quality, data discovery, self service analytics, customer intelligence, dashboards.

Financial software

Software for financial administrations that aren't part of an ERP solution and that offer more functionality than a standard accounting package. Related concepts: administration software, asset administration, activity based costing (ABC), taxes, investments, payment transactions, budgeting, consolidation, credit management, credit management, electronic banking, invoicing, collection management, financial statements, real estate administrations, pension and actuarial software, XML, XBRL.

Supply chain management software

Software solutions for supply chain management, focused on the management of goods flows and chain management. Related concepts: planning and communication, logistics, purchasing, inventory management, inventory management, warehouse management, chain integration, ordering process, delivery process, SCM software.

Select business software

Choosing new business software is a difficult process. Help with this selection is therefore welcome, provided that it's clear from which interest you're given that help. Information about the IT solutions and the selection process is free. Good, independent advice about the best software for your organization can't possibly be free. If you're told for free which solution you should choose, you can assume that this advice isn't objective. The so-called 'independently' recommended software is usually from a software supplier that pays for that outcome.

Reliable sources of information

IT suppliers can tell you a lot about selecting business software. They often have a lot of useful information available to you, but of course they are also not neutral. Independent advisers are also often less objective than you would like. It's impossible for them to know all business software. In practice, they quickly fall back on the solutions that are known and implemented earlier.

Select pitfalls in business software

A lot of software projects exceed the planning. Organizational and technical problems mean that delivery has to be postponed, budgets are exceeded and business processes are hindered. Many pitfalls are of all times: poor preparation, incapable consultants, too little internal knowledge about software solutions and the market, poor analysis of the own business process and too quickly convinced of solutions that are the first to come. The latter aspect has, however, gained new meaning with the advent of cloud solutions and online business software. Software that can be used on a subscription basis is cheaper to implement than software to be purchased. The investment threshold is relatively low and therefore also the threshold for taking a decision. You can easily request demos of online business software, test environments are realized in a short time. You can avoid getting into these pitfalls. If you want to make good choices, select business software wisely and steer your project in the right direction.

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