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Stimulate Sustainable Employability

A commonly used definition is: "Sustainable employability is the ability of the employee to provide added value for an organization now and in the future, while also experiencing added value themselves."

Sustainably employable employees know how to adapt to constantly changing circumstances. What advantages does sustainable employability have for you as an entrepreneur and how do you promote it within your company?

Due to the rising state pension age, it's necessary that people continue to work longer. To make this possible, they must be available for longer in your company. The focus is on good, motivated and healthy working.

Although an employee is largely responsible for his own employability, it's obvious that you as an employer contribute to this. Sustainable working can make your company even more successful.

What does sustainable employability deliver?

Investing in sustainable employability has the following advantages:

Less absenteeism

Investing in sustainable employability can lead to less absenteeism. A calculation commissioned by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) shows that a fall in the sickness absence percentage by 1 percentage point already generates a lot of money. For a company with 100 employees, that's around 41,000 dollars annually.

Higher labor productivity

Another advantage of sustainable employability is higher labor productivity. In a company with 100 employees, a productivity increase of 1 percentage point is sufficient for a turnover increase of around 95,000 dollars per year.

Sustainable employability in 5 steps

You can promote sustainable employability in a large number of ways. These are some measures you can take:

1. Have a good conversation

Sustainable employability starts with a good conversation with your staff. In such a conversation you aren't only talking about functioning, but also about employability.

For example, you discuss with an employee whether he is fit enough to do his current job, whether he is still motivated and whether he lacks important knowledge or skills. It's about encouraging your employees to get started with this.

2. Ensure a good working conditions policy

A good working conditions policy prevents your employees from dropping out prematurely. Therefore, be aware of the risks involved and try to be ahead of problems. With a workplace examination you help prevent back, neck and shoulder complaints, for example.

You can possibly offer extra facilities for prevention, such as a stop smoking course or a subscription to the gym.

3. Offer a health check

The health of employees is monitored with an annual health check. This helps them to keep their work healthy. For example, you can opt for a Preventive Medical Examination and a Periodic Occupational Health Examination to keep a close eye on your employee's health.

4. Let your staff think along

Your management style also influences the employability of your staff. For this it's important that you let employees think along and involve you in the course of events in your company. For example, organize meetings where you discuss business objectives.

Moreover, by delegating sufficiently and giving employees confidence and responsibility, you increase motivation.

5. Invest in training and development

It's important that your company adapts to developments in the market. That means that your staff must continue to develop. This requires training suitable, but also think of coaching by colleagues or visiting professional meetings.

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