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Social Media Tips for Staffing

1. Determine your goal

Ask yourself which goals you want to achieve with social media. Do you want to make contact with candidates? Do you want to set up your company as an attractive employer? Or do you want to bring vacancies to the attention? Whatever goal you want to achieve, think about this in advance and adjust your strategy accordingly - so which social media channels you use, what kind of messages you'll post and how often.

2. Search for your target group

Try to find out which social media channels are used by your target group. Facebook has a wide and varied audience that you can approach in a very targeted way with advertisements, while LinkedIn is specially popular with higher educated people. You can find candidates in all kinds of professional groups on Twitter by searching for a relevant hashtag, such as #accountant. You may also find connections with certain groups or networks on social media where relevant topics are discussed and / or vacancies are shared.

3. Focus on the long term

Don't expect immediate results of your recruitment efforts through social media. You'll have to invest a lot of time before your network gets started. But if it happens once, you'll see that followers and fans go with you apply some candidates proposed functions.

4. Start the conversation

Social media work on the basis of two-way traffic. Instead of just sending, it's important to start a conversation with other users. After a mutual acquaintance you might be able to motivate them to come and work in your company.

5. Add a full company profile

You can create a company page on LinkedIn and Facebook. This way, candidates can find out more about the job opportunities, work culture and products and services within your company.

6. Let employees address their own network

Ask your current employees to share a vacancy through social media. Sometimes a simple retweet or a like is enough. That way you reach even more people. You can also encourage your employees to send tweets or to post messages about the developments and working atmosphere within your company. That's how they become ambassadors.

7. Give your company a face

Link from your company website and / or company profile to the business social media profiles of your employees. In this way, candidates get to know your company from the inside. You can also add the Company Insider Plugin of LinkedIn on the vacancy page. It shows the candidate who is working in your network at your company.

8. Form your own talent pool

A talent pool is a list of talented candidates that you might want to hire at a later date. You can make contact through social media and keep them informed of future job opportunities. That may save a long and costly recruitment procedure.

9. Use photo and video

Of course you aren't the only company that uses social media to recruit staff. The competition is very strong. Do you want to stand out on the timeline of potential employees? Then use appealing images: photos and videos that radiate what your company does or what type of employee you're looking for. Don't forget the humor. Maybe you can try a serious approach through LinkedIn and a humorous one through Facebook. See what works better. Good luck!

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