Make a Certificate Tips for The Employer


An employee can request a certificate upon dismissal. In this document you confirm that someone has worked for you, but sometimes you also provide more information. What should you look out for when making a certificate?

A certificate has several functions. In the first place you hereby provide general (neutral) data about someone's employment to future employers. With this they can not only rely on a letter of application and CV, but they also have a statement from another employer.

Secondly, a certificate can serve as a reference. If an employee asks for it, you can also comment on the performance. It's also possible that a person is mentioned who can serve as a reference. This can help the employee find a new job.

Is a certificate required?

The issue of a certificate isn't without obligation. You're required by law to hand over this document at the request of the employee at the end of the employment contract. This obligation is included in Article 656 of the Civil Code.

An employer who doesn't comply with this obligation is liable for the damage that may arise as a result. For example, if an employee can't get a job because of this.

Certificate content

The law also contains obligations that relate to the content of the certificate. For example, you must state the following:

- the nature of the work performed and the working hours per day or per week
- the start date and the end date of the employment contract

You may only state the following at the employee's request:

- a statement of how the employee has complied with his obligations
- a statement of how the employment contract was terminated
- if the employer has canceled the employment contract, the reason for it

Finally, it's important for both the employee and other employers that a certificate is true. The law therefore stipulates that the employer is liable for the damage resulting from the inclusion of incorrect statements in the certificate.


If you're very satisfied with an employee, you can also give a recommendation on LinkedIn. Just like with a certificate, you help an employee find a new job.

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