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How Your Key Users Sabotage New Software Solutions

New software solutions are often disappointing. Whether it's an ERP, CRM, WMS or other software, the error is often sought by the supplier. But is this always justified and what is the role of your own employees?

Imagine, your company opts enthusiastically for a new software solution. The party in question is hired and delivers the product discussed. There is an immediate response from your team: "This isn't at all what we meant, we can't work with this!". Where is it going wrong?

Worn out

Has the supplier not understood your wishes at all? Or have you not communicated your wishes clearly enough? Something else is probably going on. Your employees, the key users, have formed a picture of how a new software solution should work in advance. They don't do this on the basis of the possibilities of the new solution, but from the advantages and defects of the old system. Every employee has created his own workarounds for problems with the old way of working. These are so ingrained that there is a risk that any other solution will be seen as a step back.

Growth and improvements

In addition, people have an intrinsic aversion to change. This is seen as threatening. Employees feel more insecure with the new software. They don't immediately understand how it works and will resist it. Managers and other decision makers generally agree with this opinion. If the key users don't like it, can't it be a good solution? Here is a fallacy. Because if you do what you did, you get what you got. Change is the only way to achieve growth and improvements.

Other mindset

At the same time, it's very difficult to achieve good results with a software solution that's not accepted by users. A change in the mindset is needed. They felt no need to replace the old system. You can help by telling the employees about the opportunities of the new software right from the start of the change process. Try not to make too many comparisons between the existing and the new solutions. Emphasize precisely how the new contributes to the growth and development of the company. Let employees see for themselves that the old way of working is no longer adequate and focus on improvement. Among other things by letting go of old methods!

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