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Many smaller employers have to do without their own HR employee or department that deals with this. The company is usually not big enough for that. The entrepreneur then arranges personnel matters himself or he has assigned these tasks to a staff member.

As soon as the company starts to grow, it can be interesting to hire a professional HR advisor. This brings you a lot of expertise in the field of personnel. In this way, the consultant can help you implement a professional personnel policy.

Work areas HR advisor

There are many different specialties in the field of personnel. A few examples of work areas of an HR advisor:

Employment law

Many different rules apply to staff. As an employer you must be aware of employment law. However, many rules are complex and, moreover, they change from time to time. To prevent costly mistakes, it may be useful to hire an HR advisor. For example in the event of a reorganization or the dismissal of an employee.

Personnel policy

Professional personnel policy is essential for every entrepreneur with staff. This means, among other things, that you agree objectives with employees and hold performance reviews and appraisal interviews. An HR advisor helps you to raise the personnel policy to a higher level. You thereby contribute to the success of your company.

Staff costs

Personnel costs are an important issue for every employer. An HR advisor can advise you on matters such as wage policy. This gives you insight into the optimal pay compared to competing employers. It's also possible to investigate saving opportunities. For example, by changing employment conditions or looking for subsidies.

Social innovation

Social innovation can contribute to the productivity and competitiveness of your company. An HR advisor with experience in this area can help you find new ways of organizing. Then it's about self-scheduling, where you organize the work in a flexible way. Another example is giving employees more room.

Recruitment and selection

The right person in the right place. It's easier said than done. For example, it's possible that you step into one of the pitfalls during selection interviews. This can lead to hiring the wrong person. As a result, you may be stuck with this employee for a while. Then you have to look for another candidate. An HR advisor can support you in a professional manner in recruitment and selection.

Sickness absence

A long-term sick employee can have major financial consequences for your company. As an employer, you must continue to pay at least 70 percent of the wages of a sick employee for two years. An HR advisor who specializes in this can support you in the field of sick leave and reintegration. This will get a sick employee back to work as quickly as possible.

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