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Create Organization Chart Step by Step

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With an organization chart you can clarify what the organizational structure is within your company. Such a schedule is also very useful for your staff. How do you make an organization chart? Use this step-by-step plan.

An organization chart is also referred to as an organization chart. Both words are linguistically correct and mean the same thing. Other words for an organization chart are organizational structure and organization chart.

What is an organization chart?

An organization chart is a schematic representation of an organization. It looks like a drawing with boxes and lines (flow chart / flow chart). The boxes show the names of the employees or departments within your company. The lines show which departments or people are in direct contact with each other or to whom accountability is given in the organization.

The total usually looks like a pyramid, but the shape depends on the size of your organization (the number of squares). With an organization chart you can see at a glance what the hierarchy is within your company. You can include an organization chart in your business plan and in the personnel handbook of your company.

Create organization chart, a step-by-step plan

It's useful to first make a simple sketch on paper yourself. You can then work out the sketch digitally. You can read more about that below.

To complete the organization chart, complete the following steps:

- Does your company have shareholders? Place the names in the middle of the paper in boxes.
- Does your company have a Supervisory Board (SB)? Add the names below in separate boxes.
- You then add the management or director. State the name and job title (for example, general manager / financial director or CEO / CFO, etc).
- Does your company have multiple departments? Such as HR, marketing, sales, finance, etc? Add the departments under the director who is in charge.
- If a department has a manager, put that name at the top of the department.
- Below that you put the names of the employees who fall within the department.
- If your company has multiple layers (departments, managers, teams) you can also add them to the organization chart.
- Connect the boxes with lines or arrows to indicate the hierarchy or line of communication.
- Add any photos of the people to the organization chart to make the overview personal.

Create organization chart, tools

Within Office programs such as Excel, Word and Powerpoint, you can easily create an organization chart. Read more about this on the Microsoft website. You can also download one of these Office templates and complete it further.

Another option is Google Drive. With the free tool Google drawings you can create your own organization chart. You do need a Google account (Gmail) for this. Read more about this on the Webwijzer.nl website. On this page of Webwijzer you'll also find instructions on how to create an organization chart with the online tool Gliffy.


Make sure you regularly update the organization chart. Include this task in your procedures when hiring a new employee and when an employee is dismissed. Perhaps you can make a staff member responsible for the organization chart so that it's always up to date.

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