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7 Solutions for Your Staff Shortage

You're not the only one. Many companies are looking for staff. How can you ensure that your company has enough staff now and in the future? 7 solutions.

The numbers don't lie. The staff shortage in my country continues to increase. In small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), almost every entrepreneur struggles with an increasing number of vacancies .

A structural shortage of staff can ensure that your company no longer grows and even goes bankrupt. So get started on time with new ways to recruit staff. Use the following 7 options.

1. Go for trainees

No, trainees aren't a language spoken anywhere in Asia. Trainee is an English term for someone who has just graduated but is being further trained within a company. In practice, this is a good way to teach young employees the tricks of the trade and to make them enthusiastic for a career within your company.


In order to appeal to the new generation of employees, you have to be smart. Read about this article Attracting Millennials, 3 opinions .

2. Show how much fun it is

Describing in a job vacancy text that working within your company is really great isn't enough. Everyone does that. Show that it really is. How? For example, you can make an enthusiastic video and share it on social media.

Perhaps even better is demonstrating work in practice. Let people taste and feel what it's like. You can do that, for example, at a job market, or during a company visit or a 'do-day'. Events like this are often organized through bodies such as the UWV, the municipality or an association of entrepreneurs. And otherwise you organize them yourself. Why not?

3. Personnel with a work disability

It sounds scary, someone with a work disability. But do you know what it means exactly? Read more about all types of work restrictions. Probably in this broad target group there is someone who fits in perfectly with your company.

Personnel with autism, for example, are ideal for meticulous and repetitive work. You can even successfully run a restaurant with blind and visually impaired waiters, the businesswoman Sandra Ballij proves. So don't think in terms of limitations, but in terms of opportunities for your company.

4. Recruit foreigners

Push your limits. Maybe you can hire or hire someone from abroad. A number of rules apply to this. For example, you must first try to recruit someone in so-called EEA countries. Read more about the laws and regulations regarding the hiring and employment of foreigners .


You can use an extensive $pean CV and vacancy database to recruit staff from abroad through the Werk.nl website of the UWV.

5. Hiring refugees

How about refugees and asylum seekers? Refugees with a residence status may continue to work in advanced countries. Asylum seekers may also get started under certain conditions. Many trained employees can be found within these two groups. As an employer you can even use financial benefits if you hire these people.

Through national and local refugee organizations you can find out more about the possibilities to hire a refugee. There are also training programs that retrain refugees in a short time into a profession that's in great demand. Perhaps you can follow up on such initiatives.

6. Retraining and mixing

Don't look too far. Maybe you already have the right talent, but you have to reorganize everything. For example, by allowing someone to grow or retrain to another position, you can fill vacancies that are difficult to fill. It may be easier to fill the vacant position within the company. In this way you encourage employees to grow and show that a lot is possible within your company in the field of training and development .

7. Think about the future

What is a company without a strategy? Do you already have a personnel strategy? Retaining staff is also an art, otherwise you'll have a staff shortage again. So get started with strategic staff planning.

In times of economic prosperity, absenteeism within companies is rising. So think carefully about the risks within your company due to loss of employees. How can you take care of that financially? Perhaps sickness insurance is the solution.

Also ensure that your employees remain employable for longer. In this way you prevent a new staff shortage. Encourage sustainable employability and keep your people fit and motivated for longer. You'll reap the benefits for a long time to come.

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