5 Ways to Increase Work Pleasure


Does your staff enjoy work? Work pleasure is a crucial factor for a successful company. How do you ensure that work becomes more enjoyable for your employees? 5 tips.

Main weapon against absenteeism

Fun in the workplace has many advantages. For example, your employees will report sick less often. According to entrepreneurs in SMEs, 'increasing job satisfaction' is the best way to reduce absenteeism. This is according to a poll from OndernemenMetPersoneel.nl.

A large majority (83%) opted for this method over 'good checking', 'reporting sick by telephone', 'stimulating sports' and 'healthy food at work'. But how do you increase work pleasure? Try the following 5 ways.

1. Delegate, trust and let go

It's often difficult for driven entrepreneurs, but give your staff more responsibility. Give them the space to develop within your company.

That means that you really have to delegate and let go of certain things and that you shouldn't treat employees like little children. They also want the best for your company, but then they have to get a bit of responsibility.

So you only have to deal with the result (the output) of an employee and not with the details and the way in which they perform their duties.

Give employees confidence

They may make the same mistakes you have ever made, but that's part of it. Sometimes they will develop better methods. Your company desperately needs that innovation. And your employees too. Then they will really feel added value within your company and will enjoy their work much more.

In short: if you give employees confidence, you can really rely on them.

2. Search for shared values

Not only share the tasks in your company, but also share the values ​​of your company. Try to establish a company culture in which not only you feel good, but also your employees. Then they will feel at home faster within your company. This is an important factor to get more pleasure from work.

Establish core values

So try to define your company culture in consultation with your employees. You do that, for example, by establishing core values. Things that are important to the people in your company. For example: 'we are honest and sincere', 'we trust each other', 'we stand for sustainability'.

With these kinds of core values ​​you show that it's not just about the work itself, but about a larger whole. A company with an internal mission: to be good for each other and therefore good for the company, customers and suppliers. This ensures connection and more pleasure in the work.

3. Ensure relaxation at work

Is there much laughter in your company? Make sure that work isn't only done, but also occasional relaxation. The bow can't always be tense.

So make sure that your employees can relax in a certain way, without distracting others and leading the work under it. As an entrepreneur, you can take the lead in this. Consider which forms of relaxation suit your employees well and make that possible. Think of sports, games, TV, music, drinks, games or relaxation exercises.

In most companies, relaxation works well to increase work pleasure and to strengthen mutual ties. But which form of relaxation can you choose the best? Read these 8 tips for relaxation at work .

4. Make it a sport

Make the work more challenging. How? By setting clear goals. If your employee has a specific goal, he can score. Because who would watch a football match if there were no goals? Or if no score was kept and no points were distributed? There would be nothing to it. Yet it's often the case in the workplace. Change that.

Provide individual goals, team goals, and business goals

Then celebrate every milestone that's achieved. Also link a reward to a good performance. If only the recognition - that someone stands out when good work is delivered. For example, make a personal scoreboard, on which the employee can see what his performance is. Then he will challenge himself more and possibly also his environment. How can you organize this smartly? Read the article: Scoring with staff, 5 tips for a winning team .

5. Ensure a good personnel policy

Your staff will enjoy their work more if a good personnel policy is implemented. That means that you in particular take care of:

- a safe and healthy working environment
- fair reward
- equal opportunities
- contracts and agreements that comply with legislation and regulations
- a clear absence policy
- training and development
- discussion of development through a conversation cycle

By implementing a good personnel policy, there is peace and clarity within your company. Your staff will feel safe and can then concentrate on the work that needs to be done. Then nothing stands in the way of job satisfaction.

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