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With the increase in online shopping and the number of web shops, digital crime is also growing. Web merchants are increasingly victims of cyber crime. Protect your web store against a cyber attack with these 5 tips.

Cyber ​​crime in retail

Digital crime has risen sharply in recent years. More and more entrepreneurs in SMEs are being targeted by a cyber attack. Web shops handle all orders and payments online and this makes these entrepreneurs vulnerable to online crime.

Cyber ​​crime is the efficient attack of computers, servers and networks. Criminals try to access your financial data in various ways, or spread viruses to make your computer and servers unusable. Examples of cyber crime are phishing, hacking, malware, ransomware and DDoS attacks.

Risks of cyber crime

If you fall victim to cyber crime, this can have major consequences. This can vary from missing out on sales and stealing customer data to an inaccessible server and even identity fraud.

Loss of turnover

In a DDoS attack, a cyber attack by countless external computers, your web store is flooded with data, making your website or computer temporarily unavailable.

Because your web store doesn't work, you suffer a loss of revenue. Customers are dissatisfied because they can't order and go to a competitor. The danger is that your website will be found unreliable. This can lead to reputation damage.


Because a web store has a lot of privacy-sensitive customer data, you have to handle this with extreme care. Within the framework of the AVG you're obliged to take certain measures to protect this personal data and to guarantee security.

One of the components of this is the mandatory storage of this data in a secure environment. When this data is stolen through a form of cyber crime (phishing, hacking), and you prove negligent, this is a violation of the data breach reporting obligation. You can get a fine for this from the Data Protection Authority.

Measures against cyber crime

There are various measures you can take yourself to reduce the risk of cyber crime .

Security software

There are security software packages available to install on your computer. Important components of this are a good anti-virus scanner and a firewall that can stop external attacks.

In addition, packages often also offer network security and protection against ransomware. This security software is also suitable for mobile devices.

Strong password policy

Encrypt your computer, server or external drive through a strong password policy.

Choose unique passwords

- Use different steps of authentication - a password and a code
- Ensure good security of your WiFi network
- SSL certificate

Consumer confidence is very important for a web retailer. The customer must be able to trust that his data is in safe hands. One of the ways to secure your webshop is through an SSL certificate. The abbreviation stands for Secure Socket Layer, and with this certificate your web store stores your personal data encrypted.

This protection doesn't prevent the theft of data, but ensures that it can't be read. The certificate can be recognized by the customer by the lock at the beginning of the URL bar and the s from secure in https: // at the beginning of the URL.


Being alert to cyber crime requires awareness of the problem. Take an alert look at e-mails from companies that request information and also alert your employees to this. Malware comes in through infected links in emails, phishing is done by criminals who act as companies or government agencies.

They send a link in an e-mail, after which you'll be redirected to an identical, fake website. If you enter your (bank) details there, they will be stolen. When in doubt, always check the e-mail address of the sender and pay attention to foreign language or spelling errors in the e-mail. The danger is real, because only one employee has to click on an infected link and your web store is temporarily unavailable.


Back up daily to an external hard drive or in a well-protected cloud environment. If you fall victim to cyber crime, you always have recent data with you through the backups. This doesn't only apply to your computer, but also to your mobile phone.

Choose a cyber insurance

You can take out cyber insurance against the financial consequences of cyber crime. An insurer can also help you with preventive measures, such as having a scan carried out to investigate how safe your web store is. The scan exposes the vulnerabilities and risks of cyber crime. Furthermore, a cyber insurance policy offers direct assistance in the event of a cyber attack.

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