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5 Tips for a Healthy Working Atmosphere in The Wholesale Trade

The working atmosphere has a major influence on the results of your company. That's why it's important to promote it as much as possible. How do you contribute to a healthy working atmosphere?

You want to prevent a bad working atmosphere as much as possible. This is because absenteeism and staff turnover can increase. In addition, tension at work often leads to mutual irritation. These can in turn lead to labor disputes .

So there is a lot to be gained by promoting the working atmosphere. In addition, as an employer in the wholesale trade you largely control this yourself. For example, by being clear to your staff and celebrating success together. Below you can read five tips for a healthy working atmosphere in the wholesale trade.

Tips for a healthy working atmosphere wholesale

1. Give the right example yourself

The behavior of a manager influences the attitude of the other staff. For example, if you make jokes at the expense of an employee, you're sending a negative signal that may even lead to harassment. It's important to prevent this because it creates a negative working atmosphere that can be at the expense of productivity. Moreover, it's difficult to get unwanted behavior out once it's part of the corporate culture .

2. Provide clarity

Employees also need clarity. This means that you make goals clear, so that everyone knows what is expected of him and there is no discussion about it. So you don't just throw employees in at the deep end, but also provide a few armbands to keep your head above water. So give it a challenging job, but clearly discuss the goal and expectations in advance and record (interim) evaluation moments.

3. Be approachable

A certain openness is essential to keep the working atmosphere healthy. You do this by going to the workplace a lot, being willing to have a conversation and listening actively. With this you give employees the feeling that they are being taken seriously by you. This allows them to share their story with you without fear or distrust. And if, as a manager, you know what is going on internally, you can then manage your staff in a focused way .

4. Monitor the corporate culture

If you're looking for a new employee, it's important that someone fits the culture of your company. After all, you don't want conflict because someone can't or won't conform to the values ​​of your company. Therefore describe in the job description what kind of corporate culture there is. Is it formal or informal? Do you place a high value on hierarchy? And do you encourage risk-taking ? An accident can have major consequences in the wholesale trade. Make it clear what the lower expectations are on this point.

5. Celebrate (small) successes together

Consider jointly achieved results and celebrate them too. Entrepreneurs are very busy solving problems or busy with the daily routine. They quickly jump over results achieved. In a small company, however, everyone has influence on the final result and on each other. Emphasize this team feeling. If the sales manager brings in a new customer, this success will ultimately also affect the other employees.

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