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3 Tips for Work Stress at Entrepreneurs

You have your own company and you work very hard. The economy is picking up and the business is going well. Yet you sometimes lie awake at night. What if…? How to continue with ...? Expert Sheila Peeters' tips on dealing with work stress.

Causes stress

There are various causes of stress among entrepreneurs with staff. Sometimes it has to do with financial uncertainty or high performance pressure. But a not unimportant stressor is 'hassle' with staff. Because if your employees aren't doing well, a financial component will soon be involved. What if the employee reports sick? Then you must continue to pay his salary. And who will take over the work? These questions can sometimes make you sleepless nights.

Reporting sick is a way out for an employee. But that creates a problem for you as an employer. You then have a huge responsibility for the consequences of such a report, for example to customers and the rest of your staff. That can feel very unjust, which can lead to more stress for you as an entrepreneur.

Help! Who listens to me?

Whatever the cause of your own stress is, it's always good to talk about it. For example with a social worker. What can a company social worker do in such a situation? Listen initially. As an entrepreneur you must also be heard. Together you discuss the consequences of reporting sick to you as a person. But also how you can resolve the stress or prevent it in the future.

Communication is the key word. Not only in the situation where work stress has risen so high that work suffers. Also for that. If someone fails, there is suddenly a need to stand still and talk to each other. It doesn't seem to be there in advance, but in many cases there was already a necessity. It's important to keep your eyes and ears open and to engage in an early dialogue with each other. For example through a regular work meeting.

Company social work

Also dare to discuss things that are uncomfortable. Don't wait for someone to nearly fall out. If you know that communication isn't your strong point, get someone to join you. Someone from the company who is a good listener. Or hire a social worker. He can connect and has an eye for possible conflicting interests.

That way you take good care of yourself and your people. You also get a better balance in giving and taking within your company. You undoubtedly have a huge drive for your business. This takes you further and gives you a buffer if things don't go well. This also applies to the employees within your company. If they are in their power, they will flourish in their work. And healthy employees ensure a healthy company, without excessive work stress.

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