Highlights About The Tourism Major


A graduate in tourism is a professional who is trained to develop the economic activity of the country through the creation of strategies that help promote tourism throughout the national territory. Also, it's empowered to make decisions according to the tourist activity that takes place in the country in order to make the organization in which it collaborates more efficient.

Within a tourist organization of any nature, the licensee of this area can plan, organize, direct or control the operations in order to generate value for that tourist activity.

What does a graduate in tourism do?

Surely you read all of the above and said "it reads super dad!", But in itself, what does a professional of this degree do? Here we explain it to you with examples:

- Example 1: within a tourism company (hotels, cruises, tourist parks, etc.) he will be in charge of directing the operation of all the staff, in the effort that visitors can feel at home, looking for fully satisfy all your expectations.
- Example 2: in the Tourism Secretariats, they are the ones in charge and most appropriate for the design and execution of plans and programs that promote tourist activity and cause interest in people to visit that part of the country or the whole world.
- Example 3: for companies that sell tourism (travel agencies, tourism consultants, etc.), professionals in this area are in charge of detecting business opportunities with new destinations or tourism trends in order to attract as many clients as can satisfy their needs of tourism and rest.

Consider studying tourism major if...

- You like to promote the different activities that can attract tourists to our country or any other population in the world.
- You are interested in creating innovative strategies to encourage people to want to visit a specific destination.
- You are good at serving other people, learning languages ​​as well as cooking and making drinks.
- You see yourself working in an important hotel chain, in a Tourism Secretariat or in a travel agency.

Job fields for tourism graduates

In any institution that promotes national and international tourist activity is the place where you can work, here are some of the most common fields:

- In government agencies such as the Ministry of Tourism or the Ministry of Foreign Relations as a developer of plans and programs to strengthen tourism activity and the good relations of other countries.
- In large hotel chains, leading different teams such as: hospitality, guest service, food and beverages or entertainment.
- In tourism companies such as travel agencies or tourism marketers in the design of programs that adapt to the needs of vacationers and people who like tourism.
- Within international and specialty restaurants, coordinating all areas for optimal operation.
- In tourist transportation organizations such as airlines, bus lines, railways, cruise ships, etc. In creating routes and packages for all styles of tourism that exist.

Other options

In addition to what you have just read, the practice of a degree in Tourism not only stops there, there are also other fields that you can explore and achieve very interesting results:

- In the area of ​​excursions, leading work teams or as an operator of his own company that offers excursion packages to various tourist attractions in the country.
- Developing plans in the new areas of tourism: ecotourism, adventure tourism, cultural tourism or sports tourism.
- Within the media, as a writer, editor or host of programs that are related to the promotion of tourism at all levels.
- At the head or as part of the team of an NGO whose aims to pursue have to do with tourism practices or the preservation of specific places such as magical towns.
- In any public or private university in some countries as a professor of the degree in Tourism or any discipline that is related to it.

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