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Photography seeks to incorporate traditional, digital and newly created tools to encourage the development and transformation of different spheres of society, through creative and innovative visual products.

This career is dedicated to training professionals who have critical capacity and analysis of the contexts where they live, so that photography can be integrated and applied in audiovisual media and photographic production. That is, photography graduates must be able to capture their reality with aesthetic and impressive bases.

In this way, in the photography career you will not only learn to take good photographs. You will also learn about the history of the discipline, the philosophy and the language of the image. You will also learn about the different techniques that are used; such as studio development and digital photography.

What does a graduate in photography do?

A graduate in photography - photographer - is one who through the use of a digital or analog camera, captures images of the world around him in a professional manner.

A photographer is constantly feeding his curiosity and creativity, both for the world that surrounds him and of which he is a part, as well as for the updates in techniques and the new tools of his discipline.

Thus, as he gains experience and his sensitivity develops, he develops his own style that can become highly recognized by his audience.

Consider studying photography major if...

- You like and have an interest in art and photography.
- You are a creative person and you have the ability to handle multiple projects at the same time.
- You are curious, you have a lot of imagination and you pay attention to details that normally not all people would notice.
- You have skills or experience using editing programs like Photoshop, Premier, and Lightroom.
- You see yourself communicating your idea of ​​the world through images.
- You have the facility to adapt to varied work environments and with little financial certainty.
- If you are willing to receive all kinds of criticism, from the most constructive and positive that help improve your work, to the harshest.
- You see yourself working in a photographic studio, or creating your own studio.

Job fields for photography graduates

Fortunately, a photographer has a wide range of options for practicing their profession.

It's very common for him to work independently or to work for a photographic studio.

In that sense you can collaborate with newspapers and magazines. Likewise can cover events , political, cultural, aesthetic, sports, fashion, as well as those related to the world of flora and fauna. Social

The following are just a few areas in which a photographer can specialize:

- Journalistic photography: This branch of photography is specialized in the world of the press, so that photographers who work in this area have the possibility of documenting the latest national and international events through images.
- Sports photography: It's undoubtedly one of the most exciting branches, as photographers covering sporting events must always be ready. These photos capture the action of the athletes in the precise moments.
- Macro photography: The work that these types of photographers do is focused on the natural world. His photographs highlight the elements of the world that we cannot see with the naked eye, they are microscopic images that show us a whole universe.

Other options:

In case the jobs above didn't convince you at all, you should know that a photographer can work in other places. Perhaps these fields that aren't so popular and don't seem so popular, but they are a source of work for these types of professionals.

- In universities, photography schools and film schools, since the demand for knowledge in this area is constant. You can also give workshops or diplomas in houses of culture or high schools.
- In marketing companies, or in agencies that are dedicated to advertising campaigns for different products.
- In magazines and blogs, as a content creator.
- In your own agency, you can specialize in one or several areas. Photographers who have their own agency or studio also need to have business and marketing skills and knowledge.
- Participating in contests, not only to publicize your work, but some prizes include financial remuneration.

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