Highlights About The Mathematics Major


The graduate in mathematics is a professional who has skills to solve problems in the different areas of this science such as: Arithmetic, Algebra, Probability, Geometry, among others, all this through the development of their numerical abilities as well as skills in the world of research.

In addition to the above, someone who is studying Mathematics has enough knowledge to be able to provide advice on projects of a scientific, educational and technological focus.

What does a graduate in mathematics do?

So that you don't get stuck in a concept that you cannot easily understand, here are some examples of what a graduate in Mathematics can do, pay attention!

- Example 1: when scientific laws are tested, this professional contributes his numerical knowledge to help verify said law, how does he do it? Through mathematical tests that help in the measurement of the indicators that are studied.
- Example 2: in technological projects, such as the development of apps that involve the use of algorithms (Uber, Waze or Google Maps), a graduate in this area can help to create those algorithms that allow to provide the results that are sought ( request a service or trace the fastest possible route according to various indicators)
- Example 3: in industrial activity, a mathematician can help to create and program machines that require the use of very exact mathematical calculations to develop the process for which they were made. Above all, in industries that require a lot of accuracy to develop their products or areas such as quality control.

Consider studying mathematics major if...

- You like everything that has to do with numbers! Accounts, exact calculations or specific measurements.
- You are interested in understanding in a more exact way the different principles and ways in which exact laws are present in our day to day life.
- You are good at doing logical and numerical reasoning about things as well as solving problems based on numbers.
- You see yourself working within the world of finance, in the education sector or in specialized industries.

Job fields for mathematics graduates

Surely you think that a professional in this area, the only thing they know how to do is teach Mathematics classes, which is totally false, here we show you what a graduate who studied this career can do:

- Market research agencies, in the development of new data interpretation models that help clarify and process the information in a more friendly way for those who carry out the research.
- Government agencies such as: Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, within different areas that involve the processing and analysis of information of various natures (statistical, geographic, numerical, etc.)
- In other areas of the Federal Government, such as the Ministry of Public Education, in the creation and support of study programs in all areas that have to do with Mathematics as well as the tools to develop this knowledge.
- Within specialized and highly technical companies that develop basic research plans, either pure or applied.
- In the financial sector, in companies such as banks, insurance companies or brokerage houses in the part of the advice and interpretation of numerical indicators in order to understand the investment and development opportunities in these areas.

Other options

As well as these activities, there are others in which a graduate in Mathematics can perform, if you want to know them, here we present them:

- Within logistics and delivery companies, planning and coordinating delivery routes through their analysis and developing algorithms that allow establishing shorter distances between various points.
- If you are pursuing a master's degree in any of these fields, you can get involved in Astronomy and Geodesy, having extensive knowledge of these areas.
- In the industrial world, specially in the matter of storage; The graduate in Mathematics can execute different types of analysis to achieve the best distribution in warehouses and their logistical implementation.
- Scientific and academic dissemination, as a diffuser of new knowledge that is implemented in the world of Mathematics.
- In the teaching area, at all levels, in charge of the subject of Mathematics; You can also specialize in the head of a Mathematics department within any public or private institution in the country.

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