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A law graduate is a professional with deep knowledge of the law and this allows you to use it to create arguments and interpretations in legal matters.

Likewise, it can propose some initiatives that help to make the administration of justice more efficient at all levels. He is trained to develop strategies that help prevent crime and misconduct among members of a society.

What does a graduate in law do?

So that there are no doubts about the definition of the Law career that you have just read, here are some practical examples of what a lawyer does:

- Example 1: a lawyer is in charge of using the laws to legally defend a defendant for a certain crime in different areas (civil, criminal, labor, administrative, etc.) and thus do justice to him.
- Example 2: if he is on the other side, he will be in charge of advising the aggrieved person to be able to initiate a legal process against the other person (physical or moral) to grant according to law.
- Example 3: you can also be in charge (with additional preparation) of knowing the versions of both parties involved in a legal process to judge based on the law and determine what must be done for the guilty to repair the crime committed.

Consider studying law major if...

- You like everything that has to do with laws: their creation, interpretation, modification and application.
- You want people to be treated fairly and you are always looking out for the good of others.
- You are good at learning a lot of facts by heart, since the laws must be learned in this way. Also if you are good at deciphering the messages to find out who is to blame for any problem.
- You see yourself working in a court, in a law firm or some public institution that is dedicated to the administration of justice.

Job fields for law graduates

The field of action of a law graduate is in all those places where the law has something to do, in short, in many places! Here is an example:

- In law firms or law firms that are dedicated to litigation to defend or accuse people in criminal or civil proceedings.
- In the legal areas of any private company in charge of contracts and supervision of operating criteria in accordance with regulations.
- As a corporate lawyer in international companies.
- In public agencies that involve implicit legal processes (Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, Federal Board of Conciliation and Arbitration, Federal Consumer Prosecutor's Office, etc.)
- Within the courts in the areas of administration of justice; as: Magistrate, Minister or Judge.

Other options

In addition to these areas, there are others that can also be explored by a law graduate such as:

- Independent legal advisor for public and private organizations.
- Advisor to NGOs, specially those that are focused on issues related to Human Rights and crimes that afflict society (human trafficking, kidnapping, rapes, etc.)
- In public institutions in areas related to the design of crime prevention programs.
- As an academic or researcher within any house of studies in the country.

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