Highlights About The Chiropractic Major


Chiropractic is a type of alternative medicine. It's focused on the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, specially those related to the spine. The main chiropractic technique consists of manual therapy. The manipulation of the spine, other joints and soft tissues, such as muscles and ligaments, is specially focused on.

It's important to mention that a chiropractor isn't the same as an orthopedist, who is a specialist doctor.

What does a graduate in chiropractic do?

The chiropractic graduate is a professional who develops in the area of ​​health. You have the tools and capabilities to provide high-quality care and to analyze, locate, and correct spinal injuries. Is also capable of diagnosing other types of disorders and pathologies of the neuromusculoskeletal system.

Request and interpret imaging studies (X-rays, MRI), neurophysiology and clinical laboratory studies. Since it's able to relate injuries to poor diet or psychological discomfort. Likewise, he is highly trained to recognize the determining factors of injuries to the spine and the rest of the neuromusculoskeletal system.

Once the diagnosis is made, a chiropractor can make recommendations on rehabilitation, physical activity, and healthy eating.

In conclusion, the graduate of the Bachelor of Chiropractic is the professional who evaluates, diagnoses and attends to the causative factors of biomechanical disorders of the spine and joints. Since these types of injuries affect the nervous system and affect the body's defense mechanisms.

Consider studying chiropractic major if...

- You are interested in knowing more about how the human body works. Since in this race one of the main objectives is to know in depth how bones, ligaments, muscles and the nervous system work and interact.
- You like exercise or any type of physical activity. This race has the objective of diagnosing and treating injuries of people, not only in daily life but of athletes and / or dancers. So chiropractors must have a deep knowledge of physical disciplines.
- You have a vocation for health sciences. Well, in this career the aim is for students to have a comprehensive training. Thus, aspects such as diet and mental and emotional health play a very important role in the correct diagnosis and treatment of injuries.

Job fields for chiropractic graduates

Chiropractic graduates can find work in the following professional spaces:

- Private office: By opening your own office you can attend to patients for the treatment of biomechanical disorders of the spine and other joints. In this way you will be able to diagnose what affects the nervous system of patients and how they are related to the body's defense mechanisms.
- Public or private institutions of the health sector: For example, hospitals or specialized clinics. where you can apply educational processes aimed at patients with a preventive approach to strengthen healthy behaviors.
- Part of a sports team: Sports teams have a lot of people behind them. Psychologists, specialized physicians and nutritionists. This is why a chiropractor is in perfect capacity to analyze the physical state of athletes. Your participation is really important. Well, it identifies the injuries of the articular system, to later correct them through chiropractic manipulation techniques. In such a way that they contribute to their recovery and sports performance.
- Rehabilitation centers: In these spaces you can support health professionals to take care of biomechanical disorders of the spine that affect the nervous system. You can be part of the rehabilitation and improvement of the quality of life of patients with some type of disability.

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