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LinkedIn Tool for Career Opportunities

LinkedIn has a tool at its disposal, where you can make yourself available as a recruiter or job seeker for new opportunities on the job market. You'll be findable by employers who are looking for suitable candidates for a new position, but this isn't visible to your current employer. This tool is very easy to use when you are applying through LinkedIn or when you're (secretly) ready for a new career challenge. We explain how you can use this feature in this blog.

How does it work for employers?

When an employer is looking for a suitable candidate for a position, LinkedIn is often used. This search on a platform like LinkedIn is also called sourcing and can be used free of charge in 'Advanced'. If more extensive search options are desirable, this is also possible, for a fee. Employers can perform searches in two ways: through LinkedIn Recruiter or through LinkedIn Recruiter Lite. The first has access to the entire LinkedIn network and is used by large employers. LinkedIn Recruiter Lite has a more limited search offer and is mainly used by intermediary agencies.

At this moment the 'availability function' can only be seen in the LinkedIn Recruiter version. LinkedIn users who use this function will be given a place in the 'Open to new opportunities' tab.

How does it work for job seekers?

How you can indicate that you're 'Available' can be seen in the image below. At 'Preferences' in the 'Vacancies' menu you can make yourself 'Available' for new challenges. In addition, there are a number of things that you can do to ensure that you're high on the list of search results. Make sure you pay attention to:

- Job titles
- Keywords
- First-degree connection with relevant employer (s)
- A complete profile.

You can then set your preferences. We will go through step by step how you do this:

1. What kind of position?

Under 'Title' you enter the job titles that apply to your qualities as an employee. Also don't forget to mention the job titles in English if you think this is relevant. You'll see that LinkedIn itself comes with a number of suggestions. When everyone is allowed to know that you're looking for a new challenge, including your current employee, you can put the word 'available' in the header of your profile. This ensures that you stand out even more from employers who are looking for people like you.

2. Type of contract

Here you can indicate what type of contract you're looking for: Full-time, Part-time, Internship, Remote or Freelance.

3. From when?

Indicate here from when you're available. This is standard on immediately.

4. Distinguish yourself

Show here who you're and why you're the right candidate for a position. Indicate what you have to offer and in which you excel compared to other potential candidates. For this you get 300 characters. Do you find it difficult to describe yourself powerfully? Consider how others (eg colleagues) would describe you. You can also use previously received feedback to write your personal pitch.

5. Vacancy notifications

LinkedIn proposes vacancies that fit in with your area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest and match your competences. For this you only have to fill in the following questions:

- "What locations would you like to see jobs in?"
- "Which experience levels are you interested in?"
- "What industries are you considering?"
- "What size company would you like to work for?"

When you have applied through LinkedIn, turn on ' Share your profile when you click apply' . This way the recruiter can view your complete profile. In addition, it's important to regularly indicate whether you're still available. The availability status remains valid for three months, after which you can indicate again that you're still available. Or not if you have now found a new, challenging job.

Do you want more about developments regarding LinkedIn? Or do you want to know how you can apply LinkedIn to your organization? Then contact us or follow a LinkedIn training . BrightSocial helps you further!

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