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A Library isn't a piece of furniture or a building to store books, but rather a collection of books duly classified and ordered, for the reading and consultation of the public especially students, researchers and book lovers.

The fundamental tasks that justify the existence of a library is to form the collection, organize it and put it into service. The objective of the library is to provide its users both access to the document and access and location of the information.

In libraries you can find books from any area of ​​knowledge, made available to the public so that they can consult them or borrow them. Users have spacious rooms, equipped with tables and chairs, and the assistance of librarians (library staff).

Large libraries also have special departments such as a newspaper library (a place where periodicals are kept and loaned), in addition, they have rooms or offices in which the public can have access to photographs, videos, music discs, computer discs, CDs., etc. Today, libraries offer information about their collections over the Internet.

All libraries offer us resources to research a job or study, to solve problems, to satisfy information needs and to enjoy reading. These can be divided depending on what funds they have and who they are directed to, they can be national, public, university, school, classroom, and mobile.

The library is a space for study and consultation, in which we must remain silent or speak in a low voice so as not to disturb the work of others. Likewise, its books, services and facilities are useful to everyone, and therefore we must take care of and preserve them.

Libraries have a file, where they classify by subject and store in alphabetical order (by author or by title) the catalog cards of all their books. Currently this file information is on the computers of these institutions to better facilitate the data. The catalog card contains the author's name, title, and other information about the book, as well as the height or code that the library assigns to the book to facilitate its location.

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