Labor Rights


Every employee has rights and obligations, which are laid down in labor law. When you come to work somewhere, it's good to know how this works. Below are therefore the most important labor rights and obligations which are common in most countries.

Common labor rights and obligations

The salary

If you work for an employer under an employment contract, he is obliged to pay you a salary for this. As an employee, you may not earn less than the statutory minimum wage within your age category.


As an employee, you're obliged to perform the agreed work yourself and to the best of your ability. In addition, as an employee you're obliged to follow reasonable orders and assignments from your employer. If you don't do this, work will be refused and immediate dismissal is possible.


Every employee is legally entitled to at least fifteen vacation days per year with a full-time employment of at least one year. However, you do need to consult with your employer about taking your vacation days, and the available vacation periods in some industries are laid down in a collective agreement.

Your rights in the event of illness

If you're unable to perform work due to illness, you're entitled to a temporary continued payment of your salary. The length of this scheme is laid down in your employment contract. As an employee, you must cooperate with discussions with the company doctor and possible reintegration.

Working Conditions

As an employee, you're entitled to ensure that your employer ensures safe working conditions. Your employer must do this by maintaining all necessary materials and the premises, and by adhering to the safety regulations.

For more information about your rights and obligations, visit the website of the Central Government of your country. If you have problems with your employer, you can always ask for help at the legal counter or a lawyer.

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