Examples of KPIs for Project Management


Project management KPIs give you insight into the performance of your team, both in general and with regard to specific tasks or projects. Every project and initiative in your eCommerce company has different goals, and therefore also needs different processes and workflows. Project management KPIs tell you how well a team is doing in terms of achieving their goals, and to what extent the processes help or hinder them from achieving those goals.

6 Examples of KPIs for project management.

1- Hours worked:

This KPI lets you know how much time a project has cost a team. Project managers should also look at the difference between the estimated vs. the actual number of hours worked so that they can make better predictions about future projects.

2- Budget:

The budget is the amount of money you have allocated to a certain project. It's important that project managers and eCommerce business owners ensure that their budgets are realistic; if you always come across budget it's time to change your project planning.

3- Return on investment (ROI - investment return):

The ROI KPI for project management tells you what your company has received for all the hard work. The higher the number, the better. The ROI covers all expenses and income from a project.

4- Cost Difference:

Just as it can help to estimate vs. To compare the final timing and hours, it's also a good idea to compare the total costs with the estimated costs. This gives you a better view of where you have to cut back and where you have to invest more.

5- Cost performance index (CPI - cost versus value index):

The CPI for project management, just like the ROI, tells you how much your investment has proven to be worth. This CPI is calculated by dividing the money you have earned on a product by how much money it has cost you. If this number falls below zero, there is work to be done.

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